Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Handmade Knits!!

It's winter in Manitoba! Well - I guess it's winter all over the northern hemisphere. While searching Etsy for scarves for our cold climate, I found this wonderful shop that just had to be featured :) Nevita has beautiful hand knit items!! Take a look . . .

Where are you from?
I live in Bulgaria, it's a small country in south-eastern Europe where only a small number of people know that there is such amazing place like In my BLOG I have a post about Bulgaria- short videos, showing her beauty, nature, and adorable music.

What made you decide to sell on Etsy?
I always wanted to open a store and sell my hand knitted scarves and baby
clothing. However, my full-time job, and pregnancy didn't bring enough confidence in this picture.
When my beautiful baby daughter came to the world, she brought new hope and faith in myself. I found knitting section and crochet section and I was happily surprised that someone is selling so many handmade creations. At that time the idea that is an easy way to create
and maintain shop came into play. With etsy, I figured, I wouldn't have to care about renting and maintaining a physical shop, and at the same time I'd have flexible working hours. Now I stay at home as mother, enjoy spending time with my baby daughter, my knitting, and promoting my shop via interesting online tools. My online store is Boutique-a-holic.

How did you originally get into Hand knit and Goblin making business?
I learned to knit and make goblin tapestry, when I was a child. I went to my grandparent's home, during school offs. My grandmother thought me different handmade techniques, such as knit, crochet, sewing and others. During the years, I was paying more attention to knitting and goblin tapestry, and found I enjoyed it a lot. It became my hobby, and after my daughter's birth I decided I was determined to share the products of my passion with people around the world.

What motivates and inspires you to create?
Winter scarves ( When I was young girl, my mother kept telling me to wear scarves so I wouldn't get cold. I hated scarves! That is, until the day I knitted myself a very colorful, soft, and pleasant to touch and look at piece of happiness (yes, a scarf!). My classmates loved it. That motivated me to make more scarves, because I found scarves could be joy, emotions, and good looking fun - yes staying warm became not so bad experience after all :)

Inspiration sources have been changing during my path in life. At some point in time, I enjoyed to come back home, and to get calm and be all by myself while making my needlepoint tapestries (
At other times, inspiration was there, but I couldn't tell where it came from, so I'd
like to think of it as coming from deep within the human soul.
Now I am motivated from the smile of my baby daughter and the look of her eyes. In addition, when I look and reflect on the results of my hand made creations I've made during the years, I get a good feeling of accomplishment, and I want to do
more. I'm proud of my winter scarves, my gobelins, and last but not least my baby clothing.

What do you like most about being a seller?
Being a seller is something new for me. I like to learn new things, find information too. I learn how to sell by reading a lot of articles from experienced Etsy sellers. It is not easy work, I love to create, but honestly, I don't know how to sell my creations. It is something I want to learn to do. Being a seller is a new opportunity to bring joy to people.

What are your interests outside Etsy?
I like the Human Resourses area and I am finishing my masters degree in Human Resources management. I enjoy interacting with people.
I love to travel and regularly organize small trips through my country.

Wanna be friends? :)
Here's where else to find me:


  1. Loved reading about Nevita, Bulgaria is a beautiful country, I've been to Sophia. Beautiful architechture and wonderful people.

  2. LOVE IT all! She's so talented! :) I wish I could knit like that.

  3. Audrey thanks for the featuring, I am very pleased.
    Virgos Designs - I am happy you like Bulgaria, I live in Sophia.
    31 everything - I can show you how to knit, through some web cam or something of this kind.
    Christie,kaholly - thanks for the kind words.

  4. Great post - nice to get to know you, Nevita =) your daughter is very cute *winks* and your creations are lovely!

  5. Nevita's work is absolutely beautiful!

  6. I have been making handmade knits since Oct last year. I really would like a feedback and your thoughts on what do you think about my stuff. Please let me know, it would really help me to improve.

  7. Best Affiliate Programs
    Thanks. Where I can see pictures of your work? I will be happy to give feedback :)

  8. Hi navita! Actually presently i am working on that project. When i complete than i will contact you.

  9. Oh my goodness! Her things are so beautiful.


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