Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Someone with the Christmas Spirit all Year Long!!

While searching Etsy for places to advertise my new blog, I came across this amazing site - Donation's for Causes. After reading through it a bit, the site was starting to sound familiar. I contacted the owner about making a donation, and realized that I knew Kristina from her previous blog and had made donations before!! Isn't that just too cool?

Kristina is an amazing person, who gives to those in need, and to amazing causes all year long! This is really the true meaning of "Giving Back"! Here is her amazing story, I hope you will feel moved to help out too.

My name is Kristina and one of my passions is giving back to the community. I love fundraising and putting together charity events. Ever since I can remember, I have always been the type of person thinking about others rather than myself. After high school, I remember volunteering my time with various organizations w/in the community that touched my heart and then I decided to put together my own charity projects many of which have been put together within the last few years.

In August 2008, I began the creation of the Kochanie “My Love” Baskets. These baskets were created to help console the families who had lost a beloved family member and to bring hope to those patients who were very ill. These baskets contained generous donations from around the world and were donated to both hospices and cancer centers. In less than 5 months, I donated 172 baskets to 9 hospices within Northern California.

In the spirit of Christmas this year, I decided to put together holiday purses and stockings for the women and children of a Domestic Violence Shelter. I hoped that the items in these purses allowed each “survivor” a day to doll themselves up, feel worthy and to help boost up their self esteem even if it was just for one day. I also hoped that the stockings and presents gathered would help these children not think about what is going on in their lives. I wanted them to be able to retrieve a present, open it up and have that twinkle in their eyes once again, even if it was just for a brief moment it would touch my heart.

My latest project is gathering donations for the Brookfield Bunny Breakfast which will be held in March 2010. I am seeking raffle items which will be placed into theme gift baskets to raise money for the local community. The money raised will be used for high school senior scholarships; the library; food pantry; senior center and various community organizations.

This is definitely a blog to keep track of and see what Kristina needs items for next!
Adding it to my "Must Read" list!


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  2. Hey,
    so last year it didnt feel much like christmas, this year i really want it to. Are there any activities that really get you into the spirit. So far im decorating, baking, presents, and charity.


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