Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simply Tempted

Simply Tempted is an Etsy shop owned by Karen Reed of Chilliwack, British Columbia. She has the most amazing assortment of Bath & Body products. She also has a Blog .

1)How did you decide on your shop name?
For weeks I had racked my brain as to what to call my company. Every week I would drag my husband to the mall so I could look around at other Bath & Body products and get ideas. I would always say to him...wow...that is so tempting...hmmm...why that soap is simply tempting me...then the light went off in my head...and so Simply Tempted Bath & Body Co. was born.

2) When did you start making these products?
I started about 6 years ago...and let me just say...it was an expensive hobby to start...I tossed out so many failed products...but at least the garbage smelled great!

3) What or who inspires you?
My husband inpires me to no end...he is an enormous supporter of everything I do...and most of our companies ideas come from him * shock *. He is always showing me ways to improve my business skills, including the dubious task of organization. He is my advertising department, & my financial advisor. When I am feeling down...he is there and picking me right back up again. There are so many unique products that I cannot create when it comes to Bath & Body...a lot of them were requests by customers. So instead of saying no and losing business...my husband came up with the idea to wholesale from other companies the things I cannot do (such as Cupcake Bathbombs, Soapsicles). Now with a mixture of our own products and 2 other companies...we have been able to reach a dream that I never though possible.

4) Do you have a day job?
I am not too sure where I find the time to work outside the home...but I do. I work Part Time at one of our local banking institutions, as a teller. I have worked there for 6 years and just couldn't bare the thought of not seeing my colleagues and customers everyday.

5) What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
Oh my goodness....just pick 1 that I love to make the most...hmmmmmm...I would have to say the Good Morning Grumpy Soaps. There is something about the freshly ground smell of coffee beans and creme brulee. If I don't have a cup of coffee beside me...I might actually forget what I am doing and eat the soap!

Audrey's Accolades:
I was introduced to handmade soap by a friend I've made on etsy. Now I'm hooked. Karen has the most amazing selection of products. I asked Karen ho she decided on all the names. Here's her answer:
Names for our products take DAYS to do. I literally lie in bed coming up with different words and phrases...then hubby and I decide together and play on them a little. It is usually a fun process...if we can think of any words that is...lol
Karen & her husband are explecting their first child!! And to celebrate she is having a sale this month!!
Now - my favorite item. Hmmmm. Tough choice but here it is (aren't they the cutest?!):

Delectable butters and oils combine with rich fabulous scents to give you the most gratifying bath time treat ever!


  1. Wow, those soaps look so rich! Good enough to eat! Great interview!


  2. Yes all the stuff looks wonderful...i can almost smell it...

  3. I totally want to eat that soap! It is soap, right? :] You sure it's not food! Great items!

  4. weird... now i feel hungry AND dirrrty!!! what a GREAT feature :D

  5. Wonderful feature! It looks yummmy!

  6. Just checked out the shop! Everything looks so yummy!!!


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