Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pixies Treasure Chest

Mich lives near Reading PA and has an amazing shop. Pixies Treasure Chest was born out of Mich's need to feed her inner creative soul. She says "My inner explorations led me to creating jewelry. I found this to be the perfect creative outlet for me (I NEVER could find jewelry I liked, especially earrings!), and a more than effective means to relieve stress of my other job as an R.N."

#1. How did you decide on your shop name?
After a long brainstorming session, I decided on Pixe's Treasure Chest because it incorporated my screen name, and I wanted something not jewelry specific in case I decided to branch into other crafts. Over the years, Pixe has sort of become my alter ego!

#2. When did you start crafting?
I really started as a child when my Grammy taught me to crochet and sew. Over the years I've continued crocheting, sewing, cross stitching, wreath making. For many years, I made homemade Xmas ornaments for presents. I found jewelry making about a year and a half ago...have been hooked ever since!

#3. What or who inspires you?
I'm mainly inspired by the natural world around me. Sometimes, inspiration comes form the disorganized studio...I can be easily sidetracked, so cleaning up sometimes inspires new creations!

#4. Do you have a day job?
I have a night job...and it's a sweet deal!! I only have to work 6 days a month and the bills are paid!

#5. What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
It's really difficult to say which I've enjoyed making the most...I really enjoy working with Sterling Silver Wire the most....probably my Chrysanthemum Necklace! I was so amazed at how gorgeous it was when I finished it!! And the beads I used are amazingly beautitul!

Audrey's Accolades:
Mich has amazing jewelry. Such a wonderful imagination. Usually I'm an earring girl, don't wear other jewelry as a rule, but Mich has some necklaces that tempt me! I love the beads she uses in her items - have never seen ones like them. Well - I think we will stick with earrings as my favorite. These beads are just calling my name!!

These cute little green earrings are light as a feather, and dangle from brass earwires. The earring drop is 3/4 inch in length, total earring length is 1-1/2 inches, and the flower is 1/2 inch wide.


  1. great feature! I want her night job...only 6 days a month!

  2. What a lovely shop to feature! My grandmother taught me how to sew and crochet too!

    Again, lovely feature!

  3. Some nice jewelry and it's always interesting to read interviews with other artists...ta...

  4. Beautiful work, and very interesting post. I'm a grandma-indoctrinated sewer also.

  5. Oh Audrey! Thank you for the wonderful feature, and the kind words!! This made my day!!

    I wish you much success in life and business!!

  6. Terrific feature and loved the interview. Its really nice getting to know the people behind the crafts.

  7. Sorry to butt in on your wonderful discussion, Audrey, but you're the winner in my giveaway @ Sumpn Sassy.

    Just email your mailing address and your choice of any item from my Etsy shop: using the link on my blog



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