Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hubby's New Toy (for family viewing)

When the boys were small we bought our first ATV, a 250 Honda. It was a nice size for small kids to start on. A few years ago Brad decided we needed another one a bit bigger, so that 2 of us could ride together. We got a seat for the bigger one to strap onto the back rack so two could ride on the same machine and one of the boys could take the other quad.

After three of us went camping at a place about 1.5 hours east of here, taking the atv's along to ride on the 100's of miles of trails they have - we decided we needed another atv so all of us could go out together. So we sold the 250 and bought a 350 and a 450! WOOHOO!!

When you have 2 teenage sons it's tough to find something that the whole family likes to do together. But we have found it with quadding. With two on the 500 (Brad & I) and the boys on each of their own we can go riding as a family, pack a lunch and go out all day together. It's been great.
We go riding in the summer as much as possible & go to derby's whenever we can. We've been to some really cool places to ride not that far from home.

"can I see how deep it is?" (Logan)

So last spring Brad decided he needed an even faster ATV - a 700 Kawi! I think it's called "midlife crisis"? "Ok dear. But if you kill yourself I'll be really angry!!" (don't have pics of that one yet)
A couple of weeks ago, Brad came up with the idea of putting tracks on the 500 so he could ride all winter. Yipee? Well we picked them up on Monday, by yesterday morning they were ready to go, but we had -16C (+3F) degrees with 60K (37 mph) winds. To cold to go riding. But today was beautiful!! Only -4C (25F) and almost no wind! So Brad tried out the tracks and I took some pics. Looks like fun but I think I'll stick with summer riding. Warmer!!

We've already booked the last weekend in May to go camping and riding with a whole bunch of other people!! We'll be staying in a small but cozy cabin - were there last year at the same time!! It's a blast when you have 20 or more quads out for a sat. ride and potluck supper.

Can hardly wait. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures then!!


  1. It's really nice you can find something to do with your teenage boys besides play video games. That is wonderful!

  2. I'm jealous! That looks like way too much fun :)

  3. Looks like great fun! My hubby would love the one with the tracks. We don't get enough snow for it here, though. We ride in here year round. It does get a little hot and dusty in the late summer.


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