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Leeya is a wonderful shop that comes to Etsy from Israel. Leeya grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan but moved to Israel five years ago. She has a new Blog called "Inspiration Through Creation".

1) How did you decide on a shop name?
My shop name is my first name, Leeya. It's simple and has a clean sound so I chose it.

2) When did you start crafting?
As a very young child I dabbled so diligently in the art of glue and glitter, drawing and whatever else i could get my hands on that the silence coming from my bedroom would frighten my parents and they would periodically come and check that I was still breathing ( I have three brothers). I guess those are my earliest memories of crafting.

3) What or sho inspires you?
Materials inspire me. There is nothing like a few hours in the bead shop. I love sparkling beads and learning new techniques. In fact, I am so inspired by materials that I am considering beginning a masters in materials engineering.

4) Do you have a day job?
I finished my B.Sc. in Physics last year and after a rigorous degree, I am taking this year "off." Rather, I have taken the year to devote to developing as an artist.

5) What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
Good question! I would have to say my jungle berry necklace because at the time that I made it I was experimenting with a new technique and just went wild (as the name suggests). It was exciting watching the pendant develope into a finished necklace (it went through a few stages) and I think that the finished product maintained something of the freedom that I was feeling at the time of creation.

Audrey's Accolades:
What awesome jewelry!! When I saw Leeya's shop I was amazed by the selection, her wonderful imagination and the colors!! Went through her whole shop looking for my favorite, and found so many items that I just loved. There are earrings, necklaces, hair clips (can never have to many), brooches, braceletts and coctail rings. WOW!! Ok - I have to pick one. Maybe it's because we just had Valentine's Day or maybe just because I love everything with hearts on it - I picked this necklace as my favorite item.

This heart has been handshaped from polymer clay. A clear crystal is embedded in the center and is surrounded by a ring of petals in brown and bronze. The petals match delicate brass chain and two small crystal beads are wire wrapped to connect the chain to the lobster clasp.


  1. Very well put together article! I love the chosen artist! Nice stuff!!!

  2. This is great! I love getting to know more about artists!


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    Your Blog is More interesting.great work.
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    i am very happy to add you in my blogroll as friends if u like..!!

  4. Interesting post on multi-faceted person - Physics degree! whoa!

  5. beautiful creations. Leeya's shop is gorgeous! Very inspiring work.

    BTW thanks for adding my mini Audrey. I added your blog and feature button:) Folks should come see your wonderful blog.

  6. What a beautiful shop! I love the brooches.

  7. great interview, and she does such beautiful work!

  8. I love that fabric flower! It's gorgeous!


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