Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feature: Beautiful Stained Glass

I love stained glass! Wouldn't it be great to have stained glass windows in the house? Since it's really not feasible or affordable to have stained glass windows, how about a smaller piece to hang in your window or maybe a night light?
Stained Glass Studio has some really beautiful pieces - just take a look :) These are some of my favorites:

Here is a little bit about Maddy, the woman behind these beautiful designs.
I live in Wisconsin and my studio is in my home, great on a day like today when we're in the middle of a 1 ft. + snowstorm. I've been doing Stained Glass Art for almost 30 years and the reason I started is because I've always been so attracted to the beauty of Stained Glass. When people see my work I want them to love the combination of glass colors along with the different glass textures and how they interact. I want them to appreciate the individual pieces as home decor art that enhance and add to their existing decor. My supply addiction is definitely sheets of glass, in a wide variety of colors and design, when I think of starting a piece, the most exciting part is putting the colors together. I don't really have a favorite in my shop-they're all favorites for different applications.
I'm motivated by new ideas constantly, just about anything can be incorporated into a Stained Glass Piece.


  1. Wow Maddy does beautiful work, I am going to have a look at her shop.

    Thanks for introducing her to us!

  2. Audrey - these are lovely pieces. I started a parrot in stained glass in 1983, the pieces are still around somewhere.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Those are so pretty. I like the one in the top left hand corner of your favorites.

  4. So pretty I used to live in an area with many older homes full of stained glass! It's amazing how much work goes into these!


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