Saturday, April 2, 2011

I LOVE Potatoes

Rice is nice, pasta is fine, but I really really LOVE potatoes!  Any kind of potato really - mashed, cooked, baked, scalloped, seasoned, fries, etc.  I shared Logan's favorite potatoes with you last week I think, but we have since found some new spices that work amazing on potatoes.

There are tons of BNR (buy n replace) treasuries on Etsy right now. I think it was before Christmas or shortly after that I found Dell Cove Spice Company. The first time I ordered from them I ordered seasonings for popcorn. But the last time I was looking through their shop I noticed that they had spices for potatoes!!! You know I had to try those!

So I ordered the Spice Kit with a choice of two flavors: Spicy southern Cajun & Butt-Kickin' BBQ. We've tried them both now and LOVE them! Here is a photo of the Butt-Kickin' BBQ potatoes we had last night.

I put on a little too much spice, they were pretty zippy :) When making the potatoes you cut and spice them about 2 hours ahead and let them sit to soak up the flavors. Then put them in the oven for a while to bake. Amazing! They can be done on the bbq in foil too, will try that once the weather is nicer.

My next purchase will be the Spice Rubs for BBQ potatoes, french fries, vegetables to 4 pack. Just check out all the cool flavors!! Deciding which 4 to try will be the hardest choice.

* South of France herb rub
* Tandoori spice rub
* Southwest Chipotle rub
* Blackened Cajun rub
* Sweet & Spicy BBQ rub
* Tropical Hawaiian spice rub
* Butt-Kickin' BBQ rub
* Italian Tuscan rub

Maybe I'll have to ask Logan to help me choose :)  Which flavors look good to you? 


  1. These look yummy!

    One of the quizzes we have played in my family is, "which do you prefer - rice, pasta, or potatoes?" We are pretty evenly split between pasta and potatoes (I'm a potato), with one rice renegade.

  2. My husband could eat potatoes every day! Thanks for the spice info as I'm always looking for new ways to prepare them!

  3. I don't think I could decide which to try first. The ones in your picture sure do look good though.

  4. ALL of them - I love potatoes - could eat them every meal. The doc said 'no more potatoes' and i am craving them.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. Those potatoes look gooooood! All those spices sound amazing, so I'm not sure which one I would want to try first. Maybe the sweet & spicy rub...

  6. Yumm!! I love Potatoes :)!! Thanks For sharing the Spices!

  7. We love oven baked French fries at our house!!
    the sweet and spicy bbq rub sounds wonderful to me!!

  8. I am with you on the potatoes. Forget the rice. Forget the pasta. Just give me a potato. I love broasted potatoes and these look wonderful. I will check out the shop for some rubs. Yum!


  9. I love potatoes too- especially when they're seasoned well! I think we're going to try to grow some potatoes this year. Won't that be fun?!

  10. Awwww! Thanks so much for the fantastic review!!


    Patricia and David
    Dell Cove Spice Co.

  11. Oh yes we are huge fans of the potato here! I'm taking a gander at the
    Italian Tuscan rub and Southwest husband and I both like it hot!!! hahahaha

    Happy Monday Audrey!


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