Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy Taco Shepherd's Pie

We really like taco flavoring, but having taco's all the time can get old :) I found this recipe somewhere - never did write it down, but it's so easy you don't really need a "real" recipe.


Make taco meat like you usually do, using 2 lbs of ground beef. Add one tin of kidney beans and one tin of canned corn. Let simmer for a few minutes, then place in a casserole dish. Top with cheese, then mashed potatoes. Place in 350 Degree oven until it starts to bubble and potatoes are a little brown.

** I made this on Monday and used left over corn and mashed potatoes from Saturdays Turkey dinner.


  1. Oh my!! I soooo need to to try this recipe! I love shepherds' pie!

  2. that sure sounds good. I've had shepherds pie before and really liked it and I love tacos so this can't miss

  3. Thanks for sharing another yummy recipe, Audrey!

  4. Great idea, Audrey! I do a similar "shepherd's pie" by browning ground beef and adding tomato sauce and green beans, putting it in a casserole dish and topping with mashed potatoes.

    I like the taco version.

  5. What a great spin on Shepard pie and tacos!

  6. At First I Thought Ew....But Let I Made This Today and Yes Very Tasty Thank You !


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