Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Yard is Ugly

I really like spring - the birds chirping, Canada Geese flying north, no snow etc. But why can't the sun shine every day and the grass be green as soon as the snow is gone?

Here are photo's of my yard taken yesterday morning in the drizzle.

The first photo and the last photo show my garden.  No snow - but it sure is muddy. Won't be seeding it until close to the end of May I'm thinkin'.  Oh well.  Everything will turn green eventually right?


  1. It's not ugly! I think it's very peaceful and pretty. But I'm sure it's much better in the spring. Don't worry, it'll be here before you know it!

  2. I think all of our yards look the same right now. For some reason Spring doesn't want to spring. Here in Washington State it's still winter:(

    I cannot wait for the green grass, the flowers and the birdies.

  3. You have a wonderful yard; so large! Please post an updated photo in a few weeks! :)

  4. Yours looks like mine not a sign of Spring what so ever and grey grey grey. Le sigh... Happy Monday!

  5. I think that is the only thing I hate about spring. Once the snow is gone it sure isn't very pretty until things start growing


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