Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Etsy Teams - some shameless Promotion :)

When we found out the forums on Etsy were closing, some of us were feeling pretty lost. Some friends and I had just started something new in the forums after Christmas and we were wondering what we were going to do now! Where do we advertise? How do we get our shops out there? I still really feel for the shops that are just starting out on Etsy - they have to be wondering how they can get noticed.

At first I thought the best idea would be to join lots of teams to get noticed. It didn't take long to figure out that many of them where going no where, plus there was no way I could get to them all in the time I had to spend on the computer each day. So - I ended up dropping most of them. There are really only 2 that I go to on a sorta regular basis, and one that I am captain of - so obviously I'm there a lot :)

Fun and Friends Promotion Team is a great team that is trying to run the same as the forums used too. It's a great place to advertise. Many different "discussions" to check out and post on.

Promotional Frenzy Team does something different every day. I'm slowly getting the hang of this team. They have many active members, and fun things to do.

Monday - PROMO Frenzy
Tuesday - BNR Treasury
Wednesday - Blogging
Thursday - List an Item
Friday - Workshops
Saturday - OFF to relax and recoup
Sunday - OFF to relax and recoup LOL

I have a friend on this team who will remind me once in a while that I need to go and post something :) (thank you Crystal!) It's a great bunch of shops. If you are looking for a place to advertise and get to know other Etsians and make new friendships - this is a really good place to start. If I ever get around to making a list of teams for newbies to join for exposure - this team will be at the top of my list.

BNE - Buy N Enter Team. This is the one that I'm Captain of. Sure didn't realize when I started it how much work it was going to be!! :) It is a lot of fun though.

What we do:
Every two weeks we start a new round for the BNE.
There are 16 new prize shops each round that donate on prize that they mail to a winner.
Each round there are 4 winners, who receive prizes from 4 different shops.

What do the prize shops get in return:
As much exposure as I can give them :) We have 4 BNR treasuries during the 2 week BNE round, and each prize shop is featured in two of them. The last 8 buyers after each BNR get carried over to the next BNR treasury. This has really helped us get buyers to join the treasuries and make purchases.

Every Tues & Thurs we have "Promotion Commotion" on the team. Who ever wants to join just has to list 2 items from their shop and promote the shop above them on the list. We just started this last week.

We just had the Secret Easter Bunny Swap. Now we are all waiting for our gifts and on the 22nd we can open them and post about what we got & who it's from on the team thread. This has been quite a bit of fun so far. Can't wait to hear about everyone's gifts!

It's Free and Easy to join the team - you don't have to make a purchase. If you want to meet a great bunch of shops, get a little help promoting, and get your shop out there - PLEASE come and join us :) If you would like to be a prize shop some time - just leave a comment here:

Do you have a favorite team on Etsy? Or maybe some pointers for new shops on how to get out there and noticed.


  1. I love the promotional frenzy team, wonderful members and so much going on all the time.

  2. Glad to have you with us on the Promo Frenzy Team!

  3. I am now a Promo Frenzy junkie :) I agree it should be on a list of great teams for those that feel lost on Etsy. So much fun and so many helpful people!

  4. I'm just at the point of realizing that belonging to a lot of teams is really too much work and most of it does nothing for you. I think Promo Frenzy is one of the best teams out there for sure.

  5. Awesome!

    So glad you are with us at the Promotional Frenzy Team!

  6. Yes, lots of Teams


    Here's my current blog giveaway

  7. Welcome here with us in the Frenzy team:)

  8. I'm glad you found a work around for the loss of the etsy forums!

  9. Glad you're here on our team! It is mutually beneficial to all of us. :-)

  10. I joined the promotion team. I had been looking for something like that. Thanks! :)

  11. hm I had your old button on my blog and I wanted to put your new one but it won't work...

  12. Yes... I love Frenzy! And I am checking out your team too

  13. Wonderful post on your teams!! Love the Frenzy team!

  14. Very interesting post. So glad you're joining us in Promotional Frenzy. Really keeps you busy.

  15. Nice article about Promotional Frenzy. I"m definitely enjoying that team!
    Carol from Carol's Jewelry Orchard

  16. Advertising is so hard! I like all you input and advice. I am going to look into your other teams more!

  17. Great promotions and thanks for sharing these different teams :)

  18. Great post... My suggestion to newbies is to research the teams they are joining. Find one to four that they are comfortable with and grow with them.

  19. I only joined the Etsy Blog Team because it's just too time consuming! I think I still haven't recovered from the change!

  20. Glad you're on the Etsy Promotional Frenzy team. We're on a few together.

  21. I really love the BESTeam on Etsy. We each blog/promote a different member each week. Very active team and I have learned alot! I think the Frenzy sure sounds fun...I will check it out!


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