Sunday, March 6, 2011


I mentioned in a previous post that I'm crocheting scarves to give to charity. There is one thing that I've have learned. Don't use the same color hook as the wool:

I ended up unraveling it and starting again with an orange hook - much easier!

Also - I've learned that doing the same two patterns is boring, and so went looking for some free patterns on the internet. Luckily I have a friend with a shop on Etsy (knitting) who knew of many sites with free patterns. Magenta Sky Studio has the cutest wrist warmers! I've ordered a pair like these, but in red/white:

One of the sites she gave me was Lion Brand. They really have a wonderful selection of patterns. Found one for a "popcorn" stitch scarf, and I'm doing it in yellow :)

I have also just finished my first hat!!  Going to do a matching scarf - it will make a cute set for a little girl :)  Will add a pom pom too I think, make it look a little more finished.

Here are some other sites with free patterns - either knitting or crochet:
Crochet Pattern Central

Where do you go for patterns? Always looking for some new ones :)


  1. Thanks for the mention Audrey! The new scarf and hat look great!!

  2. Oh, Audrey, you did great!! I had to laugh at your comment about using the same color hook! That would be me! I have used Lion Brand's site several times and love it. I'll have to look for the popcorn pattern, and that hat, too!! ~karen

  3. It's so awesome of you to crochet for charity! The popcorn stitch is neat, my mom in law crocheted a full length sweater coat in the mid 90's. It turned out amazing!

  4. What a wonderful idea of crocheting for charity! And I love the look of the popcorn stitch, that scarf is looking super cute!

  5. Audrey - I use the "Lion" website (I like the free patterns). Usually for my second one, I do a one-off on the pattern and by the third one, it is more my pattern than the one I a following.

    Love the golden yellow color.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. I usually look on Etsy for sewing patterns, or I order real ones online. I like the Etsy ones better though because normal ones don't come with enough directions!

  7. Cute scarf and hat!
    Here are a couple of sites for free patterns:
    (From all over the web)

  8. Good tip, I never gave much thought to the color of the hook but I guess that would be a pain if they were they same color :)
    Usually when I need a pattern I just go searching, I don't have any favorite sites. I really like that popcorn stitch, I've never tried that one before

  9. I love the color of the hat. Great job.

  10. The popcorn stitch is adorable! I agree, it will make a great set. And how generous of you to give them to charity!


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