Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning

We have spring break this week, and since I'm home by myself all day - I thought I'd get the spring cleaning done. Will get the "men" to help move some furniture the night before - in which ever room is next on the list.

I often wonder what is the deal with Spring Cleaning. It's not like the house will stay that way!

How many supplies do I really need?

Ever feel like this?

Oh well - It needs to be done.  The windows are a mess, though they will be again I'm sure. And I know that with both boys home and hubby getting dirty at work, my walls won't stay clean long either.  But at least I can say I tried :)


  1. Spring cleaning, now there's a chore that takes me all summer to accomplish!! Have a nice spring break. Don't forget to do something special for yourself! ~karen

  2. Oh boy, I guess that's something I need to think about doing too....

  3. Sure wish I had a housekeeper to do these kinds of things!!

  4. That's the worst part about cleaning, all that hard work and then someone comes along and messes it up. At least mine stays cleaner a little longer than it used to since the kids aren't at home any more.
    Don't work too hard

  5. Oh my I pray for extra energy Audrey!

    I am with your other poster Ann, no more kids at home it stays clean a lot longer!

    I still have the cat though :)

  6. I'm thinking of making little swifter covers for my dog and cats feet...that way instead of leaving footprints they'll clean them up....
    Happy Cleaning! :)

  7. Peg - that is too funny!! Maybe I should come up with something for my boys to put on their feet :)
    Did take a picture of Logan washing the walls, might have to post that one day :)


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