Sunday, January 2, 2011

When will Children start to Listen?

A couple of days ago we had a blizzard move in late in the evening. Logan had gone to the neighboring city (20 minutes away) to go out for supper with a friend and to see a movie.

Since the nearest neighbors are 1/2 a mile away, we judge how bad a storm is by whether we can see the lights on their yard or not. Well - they were getting hard to see, so we texted Logan and told him to stay with the friend for the night, we didn't want him driving in the blizzard and getting stuck some where. Luckily Luke was still up when Logan texted him that he was coming home - it was just after 1am!

We woke up at 2am when he walked in the door. He'd made it home ok - but got stuck at the corner of the driveway, close to the house. Yes - he made it 20 miles of open road, then 3/4 of the way down the drive way and got stuck 200 feet from the house. How does that work? He did mention that it probably would have been a good idea to stay with the friend - the roads had been pretty bad. YOU THINK?!!! Maybe some day he will listen to his parents.

Good thing Dad has a big truck!!  It didn't take much to get the truck out.  Sure was a lot of snow packed into the wheels.

I stayed in the house to take the photos - it was still really windy and cold.


  1. How old is Logan? The reasoning center of the brain doesn't fully develope until the age of 21 or so. :) You gotta' love them!! Hang in there. The new year has just begun. ~karen

  2. Well, guys don't usually listen much, even less when they think they can make it... I'm just glad he got home safely! Hopefully it'll be a lesson learnt!

  3. The answer to your title question is - NEVER! At some magical point in maturation, they mysterically (new word - do you like it?) develop the knowledge that they know everything and parents are dumb. It lasts the rest of their lives.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. LOL It is a LONG process! Every now and again your children will say something as profound as "Mom, You were right about..." And Suddenly you forget about all the other times! LOL

    Have a wonderful day and I am glad Logan got home safely!


  5. Go figure!

    I'm so grateful that we didn't get the storm here.... we got some snow but no storm. whew. I was really glad because I had an appointment the next day and I was worried I'd wake up to tons of snow!

  6. Oh this just made me laugh especially since the ONLY place I have ever gotten stuck is in my own darn I'm glad I'm not the only one

  7. I'm glad he did get home and wasn't stuck somewhere a lot further from home

  8. Sheesh I don't miss that weather. Glad he got stuck at least close to home!

  9. Don't worry, there's hope! Just don't expect it any time soon!!! So glad Logan at least made it to the driveway!

  10. Oh I am totally screwed.....mine have a very long way to go.

  11. They never listen, you should know it by now ;)

    And how do I know ? Simple, I never listen :D

    That said, I usually don't listen to myself, too, and that's probably a good idea, at least 80% of the time ;)

    And... snow... I love snow... I want snow... We get maybe 2 feet during the whole winter here :/


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