Sunday, January 30, 2011

Luke's New Car!

Well - it's almost new :) When Luke went to the Chevy dealer in town to rent a car after his accident, they showed him this one. Hubby met Luke at the dealership that evening - they liked it and two days later it was Luke's. Good thing he has a job, this will be the biggest loan he's had to date. But it is cute.

I got to drive it home from the city on Thursday evening. Luke had 2 glasses of wine at the Grad reception and family rules are - You Drink You DON'T Drive! The car is a 5 speed standard but so much quieter than the bus it took a while to figure out the shifting. It doesn't have power windows, but everything else is powered. It even tells Luke the temp outside. I thought it was pretty funny that there is a light that says "Possible Slippery Conditions" when the temp outside is below 0 degrees! What? Obviously this car was not built in Canada where we have below 0 from November to April lol.

Apparently when you purchase a car at the dealership you also get a "Car Care Package" and a Cup with the name of the salesman on it. Forgot to take a photo of the cup - but it's one of those stainless steel looking travel mugs.

Luke is happy with his car so far, hopefully he drives carefully!

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  1. Yay for new car and hopefully he'll be more careful with snow-driving now!

  2. Congrats on the new car, sounds like a beauty!

  3. Audrey - love Luke's new car, but i think I can see you tooling around the country side in it to run errands. :)

    When his mom bought a car that didn't have automatice windows, the Dude called to tell us about these new style 'really neat' windows that you could roll up and down. He thought that was the best part about the car.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. oh how fun a new car. I haven't driven in a standard in years but I always loved it.
    Good family rule about drinking :)

  5. I can't drive a standard for the life of me! Congrats to Luke on his new car ownership.

  6. woo hoo for lukes new car, I only own standard cars one is a 4 speed and one a 5, but I vow our next car WILL be automatic, in traffic they are hard on the L (clutch leg)

    Glad u where there to help drive him...tell him us Moms in blog land pray for his continued safety on the road...

  7. It's RED!!!! :) Fits right in with the other vehicles you own! :)


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