Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog Schedule

I have really been neglecting my blog lately. It started in the middle of December, could use the Christmas rush as an excuse I suppose. But really - I had run out of things to blog about. So I've come up with a schedule of sorts for blogging.

Monday - Something new from my shop
Tuesday - Twitter Tree
Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday - its' easy :)
Thursday - Etsy shop feature
Friday - ?
Saturday - recipe
Sunday - ?

So I have only 2 blank days, they might end up being blank, or whatever I find that interesting. Does anyone have any ideas of what to blog about?


  1. It IS Monday already, Audrey. I was thinking the same thing. How could that be? Every time I turn around, it's Monday again. Or is it 'still'? I can't believe how quickly time is passing by. Your new schedule looks good. I'm sure it will help. You could fill in one of the blank days with family news, maybe. Or do one interview a week. Or just take a break one day a week. ~karen

  2. No, it can't be Monday already nor is it almost the middle of January already...where does the time go...way too fast!

    I like your blog schedule but the only suggestion I have for the other days is "Silent Sunday" - I see a lot of blogs do that along with "wordless Wednesday". Whatever you do, it will be great.

  3. I think that's a great schedule, and having some days off is not a bad idea, that way you won't burn out as much of the blogging, in my blog I stick at blogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I find it easier to manage that way!

  4. How about Philosophical Friday? You could use your own thoughts about something, or a quote from a famous person.

    Happy Monday, Audrey!

  5. I admire your schedule - I'm so bad at planning posts for my blog and always ending up with random ramblings:-)

  6. I tried to do one a day for a while and I just couldn't so I fell back to a MWF kind of thing, even then though I run out of things to post about sometimes.

  7. You used to do a book thing. Did you stop with that?

  8. Audrey, great blogging schedule, I too started a schedule and I do M, W F as one poster said, some times I fill in the other days but to be honest, I would just leave the other days blank and take a break.

  9. I tried once to go by a blogging schedule with a different topic for each day. I just couldn't stick with it.
    I pretty much look at my pictures and see what I can come up with when I'm at a loss.

  10. Yes I likes the book thing too! I just blogged about our 28 freaking inches of snow and one of my twins shaving his eyebrow off - awesome.


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