Wednesday, December 1, 2010


School was canceled yesterday due to blowing snow and roads being closed. I decided to Google "SNOW Sculptures" and see what I could find. Aren't some of these photo's amazing?  

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Can you believe it's December?!! Crazy! Only 22 days until Logan is home and 25 days until his Birthday :)


  1. Wow - love the first one. And we have a lot of snow here too - very unsual for our place.

  2. Loads of snow all over Europe too. But no snow in Delhi, not that cold yet, thankfully!

    I love those snow sculptures! My fave has to be the bunny looking at itself in the mirror!

  3. As a former teacher, I used to love snow days. Free days, to do whatever we wanted, guilt cast aside!

  4. I love the "puppy in the mirror" sculpture - actually they're all pretty cool. We just have a dusting of snow here in MN (so far) but our temps are very cold. Over-night low of 14F. Happy Decemeber! Stay toasty~Karen

  5. Love the snow sculptures - totally unbelievable. Stay warm and dry. We had 72 degrees overnight (tornado weather) and supposed to be 22 tonight. The weather radio went off ALL night long.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. I love those sculptures, it makes me cold just looking at it!

    Stay warm!

  7. Gorgeous! Not nearly enough snow for that here!

  8. These are amazing Audrey!

    Ya'll can have all the snow!

    I have a New Giveaway. I hope you;ll stop by and enter!


  9. those are some amazing snow sculptures. It is hard to believe that it's December already. Where did the year go? Hope the weather calms down a bit for you.

  10. Wow!!! People are so talented!!! They are calling for a little snow here this weekend and I'm so not wanting it!!!

  11. Wow!

    We have a lot of snow too. Right now it's snowing.

  12. WHere did you find these they are fantastic!!! DId you ever see that hotel made from ice??? We had Horrific rain and snow yesterday - everyone around lost power - if it was snow it would have been a good one - luckily it was too warm! STay safe! XOXO


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