Saturday, December 4, 2010

mmmmmm - Coffee :)

I have to start my morning with a cup of coffee - just have to! I've tried tea, doesn't do it for me. Juice is to cold. Don't like milk. So Coffee it Is!!
Black - no cream, milk or sugar!

As you can see - my favorite cup has a few chips already - but I still love it :)
Do you drink coffee? What's your favorite morning beverage?


  1. Classic, old-fashioned Coca Cola - right after my shower but before I talk to anyone. It was coffee, but ulcers ruined that and I really miss coffee.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Those chips cannot ruin the classiness of the cup. :)

  3. Oh yes! I am on my 3rd cup rigt now. I liek coffee at night too and it actually helps me sleep!

    After my morning coffee I open my first Coke of the day :-)


    My favorite mug was my husband's coffee mug. Whenever I have company, no one gets it out of the cabinet. They know that is MY cup :-)

  4. I dont drink coffee, the caffiene would make me too hyper, I love milk and a good cup of tea with half and half and at this time of year Ovaltine!

    I do make coffee daily from my husband, I use a french press and from what I am told its great :)

    I too love the cup Audrey, the chips give it a special look...

  5. My morning beverage has changed over the years. In my younger years it was Pepsi. From there I moved on to orange juice, couldn't start the day without it. A little over a year ago I started suddenly liking coffee after years of hating it. Now I have to start the day with coffee. Can't drink it black though, I have to have cream and sugar.

  6. I am the same way,,first thing I do every morning is turn on the coffee pot..and I drink mine black,,or with di vinchi's sugar free carmel syrup..very good.

  7. ok, don't laugh, but it's Coke Zero. IF on the rare occasion I have coffee I have probably 1/3 coffee, and 3/3 cream! LOL I'm not a coffee drinker per se. Hubby has his coffee just like you!

  8. Girl you know I am all over that coffee, LOL! Cream, no sugar please!

  9. I don't dislike coffee at all, but I'm more of a cappuccino kinda girl, and I'm totally a tea lover!

  10. - I had a mug that was my chippy favorite for years until one morning I went to take it out of the microwave and SNAP he handle came right off! So I have a new mug but still miss my old one!


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