Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rice Krispie Balls and Painted Ornaments

Every year I make goody for the students on my school bus. Usually I will try to make a treat or two, not just buy them on sale at Halloween :) I happened to be watching a Canadian cooking show - the woman is annoying - WAAAAAAAY to perky for me, but she has good recipes. Saw her making these Rice Krispie balls and thought they would be great for the kids. So this was the project for Sunday. The ones with red sprinkles where dipped in white chocolate. The other ones were first dipped in milk chocolate. Each student received on of each - that's 120 rice krispie balls!!

I also paint ornaments for the kids every year. This year I have 2 families of four children each do I found a pattern for this set of four ornaments. I've done them before to sell at craft shows, but I've never done 60 at a time. Don't think I'll paint them again for a while :)

Handed most of the little bags out yesterday - some kids where missing, hopefully they are on today.
Have an Awesome Tuesday!!


  1. Love the dove ornie! That's a lot to paint and all those treats! You are so sweet to the kids. You truly do love your job!

    Have a wonderful day!


    The Laptop Lady here. LOL

  2. Audrey as I said before, can I be a kid on your bus???

    Wow that is some beautiful painting and the treats look yummy!

    So the cooking show lady was too perky huh...well that is not right...lol...lol...

    Have a Merry Christmas

  3. I have a recipe for rice krispie balls from my aunt. the last time I made them I nearly burned my hands and haven't done them again...lol
    What a sweet thing to do for the kids on your bus, the ornaments are adorable

  4. I remember those days, making little treats for my kids at school every holiday. What fun! You did a wondeful job. I admire you as I wouldn't drive a school bus for love nor money!! ~karen

  5. You might be the most awesome bus driver EVER!!! Love those ornaments - your hand must be numb!
    Happy Tuesday Audrey : )

  6. The ornaments turned out really nice...

  7. Very pretty and very cool. Happy holidays.


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