Sunday, April 4, 2010

MMM April 5

1) Before I forget - I have changed all the Etsy Mini's on the sidebars of my blog. Please check out the shops that interest you. All the shops are newer ones and would love for you to visit!

2) If you love wind chimes - check out the newest give away on my blog. Laurel will send someone a beautiful personalized wind chime!
Since I can't enter the give away - I've ordered on of these wind chimes for my sister-in-law who has a b-day in May! She's going to LOVE it!

(Click on Photo to See Listing)

Please check out the links to my other give aways on the right side bar - not too far down :)

3) The dog run for our boarding kennels is done!!
Luke (son 1) was home for a few days on the weekend, so we managed to get most of it up on Thurs. evening. The rest was done in the rain, snow, ice pellets on Friday morning. What a dreary day - but it's done. The first dogs to use it were two Pugs and a Chocolate Lab! They had great fun running around and checking out the new smells :) This is much easier than walking them.

4) I really don't like to think of what to cook every day. You would not believe how many cookbooks and magazines I have - trying to get some help figuring out what we will eat every week. One of my favorite cooking blogs is Mennonite Girls Can Cook. These aren't the dress wearing, buggy driving Mennonites :) I happen to be a Mennonite too and my grandma's wore pants, nothing on their heads, and had minds of their own. But back to the blog: They have the most amazing recipes, with wonderful pictures and descriptions on how to make everything. I've made the Farmer Sausage Quiche and really like it! Next I would love to try these:

They are Blueberry Lemon Buttermilk Muffins. There happens to be some buttermilk in my fridge and frozen blueberries in the freezer :) They have recipes for every occasion and they are usually not to hard to make. My kind of recipes!

5) Luke has his 20th birthday in about a week. Since he wasn't coming home that weekend, I made his favorite meal this weekend and a cheesecake. It's a Neapolitan Cheesecake.

It actually wasn't that much work and sure tasted good :) You can find the recipe HERE.

Well - that's it for another week! Join me tomorrow for something new for Tuesdays!


  1. You seem to be a whiz in the kitchen. I love the cheesecake and muffins!!

    I'm glad you cleared that up about Mennonites. I had that misconception myself! And I did enter that windchime giveaway. I need to take the time to enter more!

  2. How cool! I didn't know you were going to start boarding doggies. The run looks great.

    I think I'm going to have to come to your house for cheesecake and muffins :) How nice of me to invite myself, right?


    Happy Belated Easter!
    best wishes!

  4. I just adore windchimes and those are so cool.
    You made me very hungry with all the talk of food.
    Now I need to go check out the giveaway and then go pick out something yummy to make. Have a great day

  5. I didn't realize you boarded dogs, how neat! tht dog run looks great, sure does beat walking them!

  6. yummm, I LOVE cheesecake, that looks great!


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