Friday, April 30, 2010

Funky May Holidays!

Can you believe it's May 1!! Where did April go? Here I thought the weeks were dragging by and all of a sudden it's May!

I went searching for something to post today, and found this cool site with all the different weird holidays for each month of the year. Here are some of the ones for May.


Borderline Personality Disorder Month (applies to everyone doesn't it?)
International Audit Month
National Smile Month
Sweet Vadalia Onions Month (what?)

Get Caught Reading Month

Gifts from the Garden Month

National Salsa Month
International Victorious Woman Month (every month should be this)
National Barbeque Month
National Hamburger Month (son 2 will be all for this)

National Salad Month
Teen CEO Month

Weekly Holidays

Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Week (1-7)
Flexible Work Arrangement Week (2-8)
National Hug Holiday Week (2-8)
Intimate Apparel Market Week (3-6)
Salute to Moms 35+ Week (9-16)
National New Friends, Old Friends Week (16-22)

National Backyard Games Week (17-24)

Daily Holidays

Join Hands Day - 1
Loyalty Day - 1

National Home Brew Day - 1

National Play Your Ukulele Day - 2

World Laughter Day - 2

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day - 3

Respect for Chickens Day - 4
Totally Chipotle Day - 5

No Diet Day - 6
No Homework Day - 6

No Socks Day - 8
Stay Up All Night Day - 8
Eat What You Want Day - 11
Frog Jumping Day - 13

Straw Hat Day - 15

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day - 19 (are we ugly then?)

National Wig Out Day - 22
World Turtle Day - 23

Cellophane Tape Day - 27

Hope you have a wonderful May and Party when you can :)


  1. Reasons to celebrate almost every day. I cannot keep up! My hubby will like that it is Sweet Vidalia onion Month.

  2. I found a site like that once and I can't get over some of the odd holidays they have. Who comes up with this stuff Have a wonderful weekend

  3. There's a holiday for everything it seems!
    Happy Labour Day & Happy Beltane!

  4. Happy Salad Month? Er...Cellophone tape day? Really?



    Hope you're doing well!

    Have a great weekend!

    Here's to hoping your Salad Month is fantastic!!


  5. Just shows there's something to look forward to every day!! I especially like the eat anything you want day on May 11 because that's my birthday!!!! You've given me some ideas for blog posts this month!

  6. I can hardly wait for National Salsa Day. I love homemade salsa - I could eat it on everything.


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