Monday, April 26, 2010

Mish Mash Monday

It is getting increasingly difficult to find things to post. I feel like I'm always running and have so much to do, but nothing to post about. How does that work? Well I did manage to find a couple of things this week.

1) My home town is the Sunflower Capital of Canada. Why you ask? Well it had the largest sunflower oil processing plant in Canada many years ago. Now the plant is used to process flax oil and canola oil. But the local book store has some of the most wonderful postcards for our town & Sunflowers, so I've been trying to figure out who I could mail some too. I found a postcard swap!!

Playing by the Book is hosting an international Family Postcard Swap!! So I've joined, and then I can mail 5 wonderful families a postcard from my home town!! Can't wait to see where they are going :) You have until the 30th to sign up!! Let me know if you do :)


2) We have a wonderful Tea House in town. I manage to get there once a week with friends :) Quite often I'll have breakfast there after my bus run with friends. Suzi (owner) makes some wonderful breakfasts, lunches and desserts. Once a week she makes crepes filled with ham, scrabbled eggs, onion, pepper and mushrooms covered in Hollendaise sauce. I've made it at home and we really enjoy it.
Sorry the picture isn't that great, lighting in the dining room isn't that good.

3) Joke:

A little girl runs into her Grandfather's hospital room.
Girl: "Grandpa - croak like a frog!! Croak like a frog!!"
Grandpa: "What?"
Girl, excitedly jumping up and down: "Croak like a FROG!!"
Grandpa: "Why?"
Girl: " Grandma said as soon as you croak we are going to Disney Land!"

4) With living in Canada it's hard to find affordable B&B products on Etsy. Actually the product prices are ok - it's the shipping that is a killer! I went searching the other day for some new soaps to try and found a wonderful shop with the most amazing soaps at affordable prices and also very affordable shipping rates.

LolliLuscious has some of the cutest little soaps I have ever seen - and off course I ordered some :) She also has a sale on body washes right now and my niece happens to love fruity smelling body washes so I ordered 2 for her birthday. Here is a picture of one of the soaps I ordered:

If you have time - check out the shop, she really has some amazing soaps!

Hope Everyone Has an Amazing Week!!


  1. That joke...hahahaha,hilarious! I love the breakfast you had. It looks delicious! I don't know how you have time for all the swaps and things you do!

  2. It's a good thing it's almost lunch time here, cause that pic made me hungry!

    I know what you mean about shipping charges on B&B shops, Canada is bad, just imagine shipping overseas! That's why I usually stick to shops I've bought from and doesn't charge and eye & kidney for shipping, and products I love! I'll have to check that shop, those soaps look so cute!

  3. Oh my it wrong I want to eat soap ? LOL

    Happy Monday : ) !!!

  4. How funny, I just posted pics today of the sunflowers we are growing. When we lived in North Dakota, my favorite part of summer was driving past the huge sunflower fields. I would LOVE to see pics of your town's sunflowers this summer :) HOORAY for finding a B&B seller with great shipping prices for you!

  5. The joke was cute!

    I think I am going to buy some sunflower seeds. It has been a while since I planted any. They are lovely.

    Your breakfast pictures looked good. I may have to make myself an omelet now! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Yummy - that looks fantastic. I loved the joke. I can hardly wait till Big T comes in so I can share it with him.

    Would love to see the big sunflowers when they bloom.


  7. that's soap??? too cute! too cute to use even!
    and you are making me drool over the crepes! mmmm...I love tea shops!

  8. I'm so hungry now lol!

    Hope you had a nice weekend! Happy Monday! :)

  9. I run in spurts with my post ideas. First I'll have a ton of them and then...nothing.
    Cute joke, I wonder if I can go to Disney
    That soap looks too delicious to use.

  10. Hi Audrey, thanks for posting about the swap!


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