Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rooster/Chicken Jean Tote

I'm finally starting to get into the groove of painting. It's been so busy during the holidays, then I caught a cold (haven't had one in 6-7 years, can't say that I missed it). But things are starting to slow down. This tote was added to my Etsy Shop this morning. It was a lot of fun to paint - might do a blanket with these chickens and roosters on it, would be fun.

The tote measures: 17" x 17" x 2" wide. It's quite big - but think of all the "stuff" that would fit in it!! I have one this size that I use when grocery shopping. It's amazing what all fits in it!!


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  2. very cute :) Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!!!I hope it is filled with lots of little blessings


  3. Very cute bag! Best Wishes for 2009!!

  4. I love working with denim to paint on it too...the texture is always so neat! I just wanted to stop and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and prosperity in 2009! CHEERS!


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