Sunday, December 28, 2008


Another crafty art form I haven't mastered (yet). Oh well- I love to look at crafts, any crafts - I'm not picky - but just can't do them all (for which my hubby is truely thankful). I need a bigger craft room!!

I have managed to crochet a few things. I did an afghan while at Bible College. A friend taught me a basic stitch and away I went. I still have it but I think I stiched it a bit on the loose side, because with every washing it gets a bit longer. It started out being almost 6 feet long - now it's closer to 7 feet. Hm-m-m. Of course that was some 22-23 years ago. I have crocheted a few baby afghans since then but nothing to extravagent, more like "Crocheting for Dummies."

My friend Janet does amazing things with a crochet hook. She had some of her items in our "Christmas Craft Store". Makes me wish I had a little girl (almost). She does wonderful hats, cute baby items, dresses, tops, scarves, doggie sweaters (not big enough for my dog though), head bands, booties and the cutest witches hat! Told Logan I should get a witches hat for driving bus that one week a month I'm feeling a little bit grouchy.

Janet doesn't have a blog, but she's working on it. She does have a shop on Etsy - Sparkleberry Crafts - that you really need to check out.

Of course this means that I have to go see what other crocheing crafters there are in blogland. Wouldn't you know it - there are too many to list here. But please check them out, many of them have links to other crocheting blogs. It's amazing what you can do with a crochet hook!! (Logan uses his to put rubber bands on his braces!) HAPPY STITCHING!!

Crochet by Faye
Irish Rose Creations
Subway Hooker (it's not what you think)
Baby Threads
Matts Crafty Wife
Bella McBride
Crafty Birdie Dreams
Rebecca's Creations
Mad About Color


  1. You are one amazing lady...I wish you lived next door to teach me all the crafts you know how to do...LOL

    I've added the Jan giveaway on my blog today and will promote it on my Sunday giveaways...

    Take Care...Talk soon...~hugS~gail

  2. What a delight to find my name and Etsy shop on your blog! Thank you so much, I'm flattered!
    Bella McBride


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