Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm not sure how I found Ashlawn Farms, but I'm glad I did. Theresa has a wonderful blog: Rag Quilt Creations, a shop on ETSY and you can buy her patterns at: E Pattern Shoppes.

Just love the rag quilts and purses!!

Well- after visiting Rag Quilt Creations and getting inspired to quilt I went hunting for quilting blogs. WOW!! There are many quilting blogs!! There is everything from Vintage - Modern - Cute - Country, the variety is endless. How many quilting blogs are there? I'm sure no one knows!!

I have made 2 quilts (very simple) for my 2 boys, but haven't quilted since. Now the closest to quilting I get is making a rag blanket out of jean squares and painting it. Not really quilting. I'm afraid that I may get hooked and want to take up quilting again if I look at to many more quilting blogs. But I can't help myself!! There are so many beautiful quilts and so many talented people out there. I love just looking at the pics and dreaming. So here is a small sampling what I have found in my search for quilting blogs. They have awesome quilts and wonderful ideas. Please check them out even if you don't quilt. I promise - you will be amazed!!

Quiltville: wonderful quilts and a quilting book as well.

Patchery Menagerie: check out her wonderful tree skirts. Just in time from Christmas.

Crazy Mom Quilts: if you want to know how to make quilts and pillows for dolls - this is the place to go. Plus some other adult size quilts as well.

Quilting in the Valleys: you must go see the amazing quilt she is doing for her mum!!

Quilts of Love: amazing quilts. The one with the dresses is very cool!

Mary Quilts: you must go to the link on the right hand side of the page labelled "My Quilts". She has wonderful pictures of the quilts she's done.

Giraffe Dreams: wonderful quilts - one even has a school bus on it!!

True Blue Nana: really nice hot mats!

Tall Grass Prairie Studio: very unique quilts!

Kates Quilting: amazing quilted advent calendar!

Quilting Fabric: quilting tips and free patterns!

Quilt Nut Creations: be amazed! The quilts are awesome and the food looks pretty good too!

Team Quiltsy: You have to check out the bra quilt!!

If you have a quilting blog or know of one - please leave a comment with the link. I just love looking at quilts and reading about them!!


  1. I love your blog...in fact, I have a surprise that I'd like to share/give you over at my blog...


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