Friday, December 5, 2008


Realized this week that I have the tree up and decorated, the presents are under the tree but I haven't bought any new ornaments this year! This is probably the first year since the boys were born that I haven't bought at least one ornament. Is my Christmas spirit gone? I DON'T THINK SO!! Maybe there are just too many to choose from. That must be it.

I have painted 46 rusty tin star ornaments in various colors for the students on my bus. Last year I decided to start this as a new bus tradition. Most kids would prefer candy, but I think they probably get enough junk food & candy everywhere else. Each student does get a candy cane and a small chocolate bar too. I also decorate the inside of the school bus with red and green bows. Will try to take a pic after I've finished decorating it. The small kids get a kick out of the decorations. After all the inside of a bus is pretty boring.

There aren't a lot of decorations around the house other then the tree. I'm one of those people that would decorate everything that stand still long enough, but I live with 3 males who don't think it would be a good idea. I know - it's my house too, but they do have a point. After all Christmas isn't really about decorations and who gets the biggest gift. Not saying that presents are a bad thing- but how much stuff do we really need. I do have one wreath with a snowman that I made last year from a Renee Mullins design that I hang on a door.

Just love Snowmen & have quite the collection, but have stopped collecting due to lack of space & boxes to store them in for the summer. I used to keep them on the shelf and the piano all summer but it was to much dusting.

I've been checking blogs to see if anyone is "decorating" for Christmas and there are a few. There have been many "giveaways" drawn already with what looks like many more to be done in the next 19 days before Christmas. Aren't giveaways fun!?! After all "it is better to give then to receive"!!

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  1. I love your idea of giving the stars to your children...What a wonderful gift from your heart! Your snowman wreath is adorable, I love snowmen! One of these days I am going to get my house done (yesterday was not a good day~ feel better today though) and post my pictures! Three of us girls live look out fu-fu!
    Keep those wheels on the bus going round and round! Happy Day!


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