Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Poem

by LM Willson

It was a silent night in Bethlehem, When Christ our King was born,
While shepherds watched their sheep, On that very early morn.

A brilliant star was shining, Upon that sacred shrine,
Of the Holy Family kneeling, Beside the manger of God Divine.

The shepherds followed the radiant star, Of royal beauty bright,
And listen to the angels sing, While praising God all through the night.

Hosanna in the highest, Unto Him all nations sing,
Christ our Saviour is born this night, 'Tis Christ our Saviour King.

The radiance of His being, Will shine through all our lives,
And crush the sins of all mankind, Upon which all evil thrives.

Oh Blessed Child of Mary, To whom all the world will bow,
'Tis God's Son - The only One, To this our God forever will avow.

Oh loving Saviour of mankind, The souls of man both then and now,
Will sing Your praises forever, And unto You all knees will bow.

Each year we'll celebrate Your birth, To please our God our King,
And pray You will come again, So peace to this world You'll bring.

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