Monday, May 30, 2011

What NOT to do when camping...

We went on our annual camping trip this weekend.  Usually we ride the atv's on Sat and Sun. however this time we ended up making a trip to the hospital on Sat. morning.  I was trying to chop wood to start a fire for breakfast and missed...

Well - I missed the wood that is. My pointing finger has 3 stitches between my finger nail and the top knuckle. They think I will have nicked the bone too, so I'm on antibiotics for two weeks. The middle finger wasn't cut quite as deep, so it didn't need stitches.

Won't be driving the bus for a couple of days, and typing is interesting :) Hubby and Logan got a little riding in Sat. afternoon after we got back to the campground, but it started to rain and didn't quit until late at night. Guess we'll have to go another weekend - I just will leave the ax alone :)

Hope everyone else had an uneventful weekend!


  1. Oi, poor Audrey! I'm glad that even it must have been quite a fright, sounds like you're all stitched up and on the mend!

    Leave that axe alone woman!

  2. Audrey - it hurts just to think about it. Stay away from all sharp instruments - tell your men folk that is why you have them.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Oh NO!!!!

    I am glad you didn't cut them off!

    Happy Memorial Day!


  4. Oh Audrey, I am sorry about your ax accident, I think next time as you say leave the chopping to someone else or better yet buy cut wood so that NO one gets hurt...

    Have a nice day today!

  5. oh my gosh Audrey. Sorry to hear about your bad aim with the Seriously though, I am sorry to hear about your finger. Hope it's feeling better and heals quick

  6. JEEEEEEEEEEEZ Audrey be careful!!! I'm guessing the men folk are running away from you! LOL Feel better!

    Patty from

  7. ouch!! glad it wasn't worse though!

  8. Hi Audrey,
    Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that you got hurt--and I have no idea how you can type! I just wanted to thank you for featuring me in your treasury--that was so sweet of you. THANKS a million!

  9. Oh! Dear...I'm feeling sympathetic pain right now! I hope your fingers will heal the mean time...enjoy the "low key" routine!

    ~Dragonfly Expression

  10. Audrey I tried to chop wood once ... lol ... you should see the pictures that were taken. No blood was lost at least. I'm glad you are on the mend girlie pie. Now sit and let those Men wait on you for a change.


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