Monday, May 16, 2011

There is a Tent in my Living Room

Did you ever make tents out of chairs and blankets for your kids? The boys used to love doing that in the living room and "camping out" :)

For some reason I thought they would out grow that - but Luke purchased a new tent last week, and when it showed up in the mail, he promptly set it up in the living room.

It's called the "hubba hubba" - it's a one man tent. Luke is hoping to do some back trails hiking and camping this year, so he purchased the tent, a new back pack, and a sleeping bag that is good to about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The sleeping bag is down filled.

Well - hope he has fun. Think I'll stick with camping in a cabin with a real bed :)


  1. At least your living room is big enough to accommodate the tent!

  2. LOL Too funny!

    My living room will soon have a tewnt in it as soon as school gets out, my grandson and I will "camping". I did promise an outdoor camping know...right by the back door! LOL

    Have a great day!

    Hope you'll join the Twitter Tree today!


  3. Only the kittens have a tent or shelving type thingy. And, I'm with you, I'd rather camp at Holiday Inn.

  4. Some things are never outgrown. Much to confining for me - but I hope he enjoys it.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. How funny :) My kids have forgotten we bought a tent last summer. I'm afraid to remind them because I'm sure they will want me to drag it out! Last summer a freak thunderstorm snapped two of the tent poles and we had to go exchange the whole shebang.

  6. That is cute I remember the kids having fun with tents!

    PS I am with you on the beds thing :)

  7. Been there, done that! It has it's good points. Mostly, the thing I get out of back packing is the sense of accomplishment. That and the camaraderie that I shared with the dear friends I went with.

    I would do it again!

  8. I guess there are some things you just never out grow :) It's been a long time since I've had tents built in my living room

  9. It has been awhile since a tent was set up in my living room. My kids used to make a daily ritual out of it! Hubby did set up a "pup" tent in the back yard with a blanket for the puppies when they were little. They loved it just like little kids!

    I'm with you on needing a bed. No more camping on the ground for this ole' lady! LOL

  10. If only he had green hair, he could disguise himself as a carrot in the sleeping bag. No Bears would want to eat a carrot!

  11. LOL Ter! That is hilarious!


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