Monday, May 2, 2011

My new Puppy & Intelligence According to Pony Tails

Ok - it's not a real puppy :)

This is what I received for my birthday from my sister-in-law. Isn't it cute? Now I need to find something to put in the basket. She mentioned that there is also a "boy" to go with this one. Might have to find out where she purchased this and get that one too!

Luke found this on the internet. Not quite sure I agree. Though Luke thinks it's right on target since he wears his hair in a pony tail like the last one.

Almost burst out laughing on the school bus the other day, when one of the girls walked up with her pony tail on the top of her head :)


  1. Oh! That puppy is too cute!!!...For the pony tail...LOL....Now I'm going to have a giggle every time I see a girl with a pony tail!!!

  2. Even if it isn't a real puppy, it's really cute!

    And ponytails intelligence chart... hilarious!

  3. Hey Audrey - Happy Birthday a bit late! ~ Karen

  4. Cute puppy and you don't even have to train it!! And Happy late Birthday!! :)

  5. What a cute puppy that is. I saw something similar to that in the grocery store the other day and almost bought one.
    That bit about the pony tails cracked me up and I laughed even harder when you mentioned the girl on the bus.

  6. Those diagrams are SO funny! And your little puppy friend is adorable!

  7. Funny! Happy belated birthday.

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