Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Shopping

Yes - I've been shopping on Etsy :) Ever since the New Year began I've been looking for a desktop calendar for beside the computer. Was searching all over Etsy for the perfect one (beautiful pictures, not to expensive, affordable shipping etc.) Finally I found the perfect one!! I've borrowed the picture from the shop - can't take a decent picture of all the months when you only have one calendar :)

Shana Creations is an amazing shop! Shana actually only lives about 70 miles north of me. If money were growing on trees - I would definitely buy this from her shop:

There is one shop on Etsy that is my "go to" shop for blank note cards. Peculiar Parchment always has a wonderful variety of amazing note cards in different styles and sizes! This was my purchase this time:

You know how I love handmade soap :) Sample sizes are wonderful to send along as an "extra" when someone purchases something from you shop. I'm always looking for new shops that have sample soaps, and I found another wonderful shop! Soap Star is a newer shop on Etsy. I purchased these soaps:

I've only tried the coffee vanilla one - LOVE IT!! You can never have enough coffee :)

Please check out the shops!! Have a great weekend!


  1. Wonderful buys Audrey!

    It's great when we find shops that are our "go to" shops!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!


  2. "If money grew on trees..."

    That is exactly how I have been feeling! All the wonderful things on Etsy are out of reach at the moment lol!

    Those are all great items!

    Happy Saturday!

  3. Great!

    People have suggested to me to make calenders to sell. Maybe I will for next year. I'm not big on calendars anymore for obvious reasons, but I used to be obsessed with calendars and writing every little thing in them and I could recite off the top of my head exactly when someone's birthday was or whatever.

    I am avoiding Etsy right now because I don't have the money to spend. I just know I'll find something I 'gotta have' if I take time to look through there. THe last purchase I made a few weeks ago was for organizational purposes so I allowed myself to get it! Only cuz I couldn't find the items in the store! I'll blog about it sometime!

  4. I love shopping Esty! My lates purchase is a beautiful sea glass necklace from newsprout. Looking for gorgeous jewerly? Check out what Manette has on newsprout.


  5. Coffee vanilla soap... WOW! Will leave you smelling very sweet, I imagine :) FUN purchases.

  6. My eyes are bigger than my checking and savings accounts together! lol But, I do love to browse! :)

  7. you've got some great finds there. In the last couple years I discovered that shopping on line is so much more rewarding and less tiring than going to the stores. Plus you find such unique things


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