Monday, February 8, 2010

Mish Mash Monday


1) Let's not repeat last week again - ok? Had to take my computer in to get a "check-up" on Tuesday, and only got it back Friday afternoon! That is just way to long to be without a computer. Did manage to get to the library on Wed. and Thurs. to check emails. But it's really hard to get the emails answered, post on two blogs, plus check out other blogs and comment. Really need to get a lap top so that we have two computers! Can't convince hubby yet.

2) I received this amazing soap and votive candle in the mail from Capricorn Soap Company. Don't you love the way the soap is packaged? This soap is really really nice! LOVE the candle too :) Noticed that she now carries lip balm!

3) Logan decided one day that it was time to clean their room. With Luke in College - he could do it alone (no arguing about where stuff should go). Didn't realize how many teddies they had until Logan stacked them all up. Told him it looked like a choir :) Wonder if they sing to him at night?

4) Blog of the week:

Nancy has a beautiful blog! I love to visit it. She has great posts, features great shops she finds, and is really a lovely woman! You really should check out her blog :)

5) I haven't received my Valentine swap items yet (from the swap I hosted). Have heard from a few people who have. I will be setting up a MckLinky next weekend, so if anyone has posted about their swap items, they can link to it and we can all see what everyone got! Hopefully a few packages have arrived at their destinations :)
I did receive a package from another swap I did! Got this wonderful assortment of Valentine goodies from Stephanie at Mississippi Songbird.

*Mississippi Delta Cooking Cookbook
*Note pad with 2 magnets
*Avon lotion
*Sweetheart Candies
*Cinnamon Heart candies
*Heart suckers
* Letter "A" wall hanging!
* Cookie mix
Thanks so much Stephanie!!


  1. I don't know what I'd do without my laptop... well, scratch that, I know what I'd do cause as soon as my previous lappy died I ran and bought another...

    Wow, what a pile of stuffed animals and teddies, so cute!

  2. I am glad you have your computer back!!!

    Wow!!! Bears galore!

    Enjoy your week!

  3. I can't even imagine being without my computer that long!
    We just picked up a laptop for under $300 at Walmart as I like to take it with me on vacations. So addicted.LOL
    I love the stuffed animals all stacked up.

  4. Girl, I am SOOO glad you're back! We had a weekend crash, too - but not just computers - everything! We were hit by a ton of snow! thanks for giving us blog love - I'm so glad you like your products!

    Here's to hoping this week is better than last!

  5. I love laptops, but they're also the devil because then I'm on mine ALL THE TIME.

  6. Wow, you got all kinds of great goodies! I have a laptop in the kitchen and a desk top in the sewing wonder I get nothing done,lol!!!!!!

  7. wow,
    what mish mash Monday post...
    very witty and cute.

    an award is waiting for you in my blog...


  8. A laptop is an absolute necessity -couldn't exist without mine. Bears galore - speaks to a happy childhood.

  9. DAAAANNNNGG! Look at your goody stash. Sweet. I would whither without my computer...but then long as I have a wireless connection, I always have my iTouch...PHEW!


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