Monday, February 22, 2010


1) I'm BACK!! Last weekend hubby and I went to Fargo ND. We happened to have a holiday on Monday, so decided to go from Sat-Mon. Had a wonderful time!! Didn't miss cooking at all :) Did some shopping - mostly for the boys and hubby. Did manage to get two containers with small sections for beads, and two note books for myself. Other than that - it was a relaxing weekend! Needed that!

2) Just finished reading TRUE BLUE by David Baldacci. This is the first book that I've read from this author. Really enjoyed it, will definitely read another of his books. But which one?

3) A while back I ordered these wonderful lip balms from Leaves and Stitches. I really really like them! They are Chocolate Orange and Honey Grapefruit.

Blog of the week:
I LOVE this blog!! Every Wed. there is a new give away from a wonderful shop. "Christie" posts everyday with something new from other shops, her own shop and cool stuff she finds! You really need to check it out - and I really need to talk to her about getting a button :)

5) Only a couple of months and spring will be here! Can hardly wait for the yard to look like this again!


  1. I think if I used chocolate orange lip balm I would chew my lips off!! I can't wait for spring too. I won't be much longer!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful surprise to find my blog as "Blog of the Week"! Made my day!

    I am so ready for Spring too!

    Just to sit on the front porch without a coat on will be great. I sit out there everyday anyway. SOme days I take a blanket. Fresh air is good for clearing the mind!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. I'm ready for spring, too. to be honest, I've completely forgotten what our lawn looks like. I don't even remember the color of green!

    on a lighter note, there does appear to be a break in the weather here...(crossing the fingers)

    Have a good one!


  4. sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I want to see that kind of backyard again too. I'm tired of seeing snow out the window.


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