Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Susan Rodio

Susan Rodio Art is an amazing painting shop on Etsy. Susan has the most beautiful fairy paintings!! She carries prints, mini prints, cards, bookmarks and more, all featuring her wonderful fairies!

When did you start crafting/painting?
I started drawing a lot when I was 4 - 5 years of age and when I was in kindergarden I recall really looking forward to and enjoying the drawing part of the day, it really seem ed to become a bit of an obsession, I just kept drawing and then started experimenting with different paints and eventually went to art college after high school, so I was always drawing and painting its been a major part of my life.

Are there other crafts you would like to try?
I've been
through many phases with my creativity a few years back I was making collaged greeting cards, very detailed with lots of cute sparkly bits on them, I had a little business with that selling them to boutique retails stores in my area, I did that for a couple of years but then I felt the need to start painting again which is my sole focus now. I have also experimented with sculpture, etching, silk screen printing and photography, but my main passion is painting.

What or who inspires you?
Nature, is the main thing, all the details in nature like the effects of ripples in the sea, the sky, sunsets, leaves trees and animals as well as mythology, folklore, the unseen realms, astrology and dreams.

Do you have a day job?
Yes I work part time in a large office with over 100 staff as a Receptionist and Administration assistant.

Where are you from?
Beautiful Sydney, Australia. I live very close to the water which inspires a lot of my mermaid paintings.

Do you have a blog?
My blog is I update it when I have completed a new painting of have some exciting art news.


  1. Beautiful art! Thanks, once again, for sharing an amazing artist with us.

  2. Audrey, thank you for sharing this! These painting are beautiful!

  3. I love the vivid blues and other photos colors against your background - very striking!

  4. beautiful artwork and very nice review of artist.

  5. What a beautiful feature! Such vivid colors!

    I got here from the Etsy forum blog thread!


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