Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few Reminders

Yesterday I purchased 150 pounds of apples to make apple sauce and apple pies. Should keep me busy for the next while! Today I'll be making apple sauce from 30 pounds of apples, the rest will wait till the weekend, they were just picked on Sunday and are still a bit green. So todays post is a quick on with some reminders of great things happening on the internet!!

If you need some very affordable exposure for your shop - this is definitely the place to be. It's $10/yr, and the site is advertising like crazy!! Please check it out.

I've joined this wonderful Shop Swap & Blog. At the end of the month everyone who signed up will be paired with someone and you send them a product or two from your shop (they will do the same), then you blog about it! This should be a lot of fun, plus free promotion is always nice. LOL

Shop Swap & Blog

Please sign up to get a Christmas Post Card in the mail during the holidays!! I purchased 100 of them and would love to send you one!


Last but definitely not least! Here is the link to my "Christmas Ornament/Decoration Swap". Check it out, there is a list of the shops that have signed up so far - please come join the fun!! The last day to sign on is October 15!


That's it for today!! Off to drive the school bus, then make quarts and quarts of apple sauce!
Oh - almost forgot!! Please enter the give aways posted at the top right sidebar! Whew - that was close!


  1. That's a lot of apples! Made me tired just thinking about it! LOL


  2. I love making my own applesauce too! It's amazing how much better it is than anything in the stores, but I have never used that many apples before!!! You are ambitious :) I love your blog - so cute and so interesting!

  3. That's a lot going on! I wish I could cook, making apple pies sounds fun :)

  4. WOW! That is alot of apples - very ambitious!! I'm hoping to go picking and make a pie. :-)

  5. mmm apple pies! makes me want some apple dumplings too!

  6. I agree that is a lot of apples sounds yummy though =] Great blog I am going to head & check out that site you posted

  7. Thanks for all this inspiration for the holidays! The days are getting shorter, which is a bit depressing, so Christmas is something I start to look forward to early in the fall. Maybe I'll have a handmade one as well.

  8. Holy moley! Hey Audrey, need some apples? Apple pie sounds awesome though...and fresh applesauce.

  9. Yum!! I love apples! You sure are gonna be busy for a while!!

  10. Ohhh, wish I was there! Yummmmo!

  11. Darn, I thought you were going to offer to send pies to all your beloved blog followers ;)

    Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful resources!

    Happy Baking!

    PS I'll be making peanut butter cream cheese cupcakes today :)

  12. wow... that sure is a heck of a lot of apples... can't wait to see all the things you make! ;)

  13. 150 pounds?!? My goodness girl, you WILL be busy! It sounds like you'll be working on some pretty delicious things too. Yum!


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