Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look What I Found!!

Before I get to what I've found on the net this week - I have to show you what Logan found!! This year Logan is in Grade 12, and because he was in the vocational program as well as the regular school program, he is now a Level One Diesel Mechanic Apprentice. So that means he can work at the local John Deere dealership when he's not in school, and get school credit for it plus get paid!! We managed to work it out so that Logan would have 3 classes in the morning this semester, then work in the afternoons. So he decided that he needed a vehicle to get from school to work at lunch, then get back home after work. This is Logan's "new" little truck! (2002 Chevy S-10). Isn't it cute?!

Last week I received an Invitation to Join a "Shop Swap & Blog". What a wonderful idea!! What's happening is: You sign up to swap a product or products from you shop with someone else, then when the packages are received, we blog about them and promote the shop!! It's a great way to get some positive feed back and promotion! Here is the link to sign up (you have till the end of the month):

Shop Swap & Blog

If you have been to my blog before you know how much I enjoy entering Give Aways!! Sometime I even get lucky enough to win. This arrived in the mail on Wednesday. It's a serving/cutting board from Sowabisabi. The board is wonderful (really love the card too!), and I'm so impressed with their shop and the wonderful items they have that I asked if I could do a feature on their shop and they agreed! So look for that in December, but please check out their shop now!!

I've entered this wonderful give away! I love Momma B's painting, and actually have painted some of the same items. The Give Away can be found at Momma B's Blog. Please take the time to check out her on-line shop at Momma B's Front Porch Crafts & Prims where she has a wonderful selection of just beautifully painted items!

If you haven't already entered the Give Away's I'm hosting, Please check them out at the top right hand sidebar! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!
Also Please check out my Christmas Ornament Swap 2 posts down!!


  1. That's such a nice pick up! And it's great that he can study & work at the same time!

  2. Great truck! I have a small Dodge truck and just love it. It sounds like Logan is on his way to a solid career.

  3. The truck is so cute! I always wanted one with a sticker that said "Not my boyfriend's truck!" Ha ha :)

    I participated in a "giving tree" swap on Tali's blog Imperfectly Perfect. As soon as everyone submits photos of their surprise gifts, she will make a collage and post it for all to see!

    Nice win on the cutting board! :)

  4. I think it is great that your son is getting started on the right foot :)

    Because that way he'll have experience walking out the door in his field, which is really important today!

    And, thank you for sharing the swap with everyone :)

    You're amazing!!

  5. Sounds like your son is on the right track! That is awesome!
    And thanks for sharing the swap/blog info. Very neat idea. :)


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