Friday, September 25, 2009

Look What I've Been Up To!!

Ok - I think 150 pounds of apples might be too much for me!! LOL To late now. I managed to make 17 quart jars of apple sauce on Tuesday, used 30 pound of the apples. It might sound like a lot of work, but I have this handy dandy contraption that takes a lot of the work out of making sauce. Just boil the apples till they are soft (cores, peel, stems included)- put it all through the Victorio Strainer, gunk out one end, sauce out the other! Amazing!!

Will be making apples sauce from another 60 pounds, the rest will become cut up apples for the freezer, muffins and pies. Whew!!

Everyone knows I love to enter give aways - I won another one. These amazing cards are from Devyn Larson Designs. They are more beautiful in real! I love the colors and designs, it's going to be hard to part with them!

I entered a give away to win some bookmarks and a book weight. Didn't win - so I bought some!! (there are two corner markers) I also ordered this cute little wallet that is the perfect size for my business cards. Rhonda's shop is Lil' Bit Sassy. She was so sweet - made the bookmarks and book weight in fabric that I got to pick from her amazing stash! You should see all the choices - it's AMAZING!!

Friday morning as I was getting the bus ready for the run (cleaning the very dusty windows) Logan came running out - the neighbor called. Our dog and her dog had 4 raccoons trapped up on one of the hydro poles on our driveway. So off we go with the camera!! Aren't they cute?

We managed to get Rascal back to the yard and locked her up till I got home later. The neighbor took her dog home too. The raccoons were gone by the time I got home 2.5 hours later.

If you haven't entered the give aways yet - please check them out, the links are on the right sidebar close to the top. Also feel free to read about the Christmas Decoration/Ornament Swap I'm hosting (link on the right too), and by all means - join!!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!


  1. omg the raccoons are so darn cute!!! Poor little guys, being scared off by some mean doggies! ;) I'm glad they didn't get electricuted!

    The book weight is an awesome idea! I am going to check that out.

  2. Hey Audrey! Don't you just love the fall! I, too, have sliced apples, more apples and more apples. I slice them, add the sugar, flour and cinnamon for pie filling and then freeze in ziploc's. Then, all I need to do is partially thaw and dump into a pie shell and pie made easier.
    I also did 15 quarts of peaches. Just slice and add 'Fruit fresh' and again into the ziploc's and feast on fresh tasting peaches all winter long.
    Good luck with your fall projects. You amaze me at what you get done and what you do on your wishes!

  3. Love homemade applesauce. Boy you have been busy.
    Those three racoons are toooo cute.

  4. I understand. I have been at apples for a couple of months now. I have 48 quarts done with about 60lbs left to do.

    I can't wait 'til I'm done.

  5. Yummm! That applesauce looks so good. Aw, the raccoons are cute.

  6. You've been busy! I can almost smell those apples! Our trees didn't produce one single apple this year :( The frost got them! Love those raccoons!

    I have some blog love for ya on A Hen's Nest :)

  7. I haven't made applesauce in years, I never had anthing like that to make the job so easy though.
    Love the pics with the racoons. poor little the dogs enjoyed themselves chasing them up there though :)
    have a great weekend

  8. Those poor racoons! LOL! I'm sure the doggies enjoyed the chase!!

    Wow, busy surrounded by apples, but that's a very helpful tool!!

  9. Wow, busy you! I am SO jealous of your apple sauce making - I could probably live on the stuff - best of luck with the remaining apples!

  10. Wow, that's a lot of apples! What a cool looking machine you've got there. Good luck processing the rest of them!

  11. I'll be honest, once I saw the Raccoons I completely forgot the rest of your post, lol! So cute! They are really mean and evil looking in person, but those pictures are darling. poor things! Makes you feel bad for them until you look outside late at night and see raccoons chasing cats down the street, lol

  12. Holy moly... that is a lot of apple sauce!

    And that is the cutes photo of the raccoons.. they look terrified up there, clinging to that pole! Glad to hear, they were able to finally come down! ;)

  13. I blogged about your Win!!!

    linked back to your shop!

  14. Congrats on the win. I love apples too and love this time of the year to make lots of different goodies from them.



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