Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretties for a Little One

Do I wish I had grandchildren!! Ok - maybe not right now, the boys need to grow up a bit first :)  But if I did have grandchildren - bebbyjumpers would be really hard to resist! Love hand knit baby and childrens clothes!

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I live in a ramshackled, tumble ~ down house in the south of England, near the sea and in the countryside, in a small village surrounded by fields of sheep, horses and cows, and hedgerows full of pretty flowers and fruits.
I begin everyday with a 4 mile trek through the fields with my faithful friend whatever the weather. Then I spend my morning working on the computer with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

My shop name came about when my sister's little boy who was 2 years old at the time, said "Bebbyjumpers" when he was helping to open a parcel of jumpers which I had sent to them in Australia. I have always been known as Bebby to my younger sisters and their children have called me Auntie Bebby. I guess I started my little shop because I wanted a wider market for my sweaters and Etsy was recommended by someone who recognised my talent at a local craft fair and realised I wasn't getting the recognition that I wanted. I do not consider this to be a business but I do enjoy knitting as a hobby and get great pleasure knowing someone else likes what I produce enough to want to buy and own it, to wear themselves, or to give away as a gift.

The 5 things that I want people to think when they see any of my products are:
~ the beauty of the finished product and how the colours of the yarn, stitches and buttons, if used, blend to create a garment that someone wants to snuggle into.
~ the professionalism of the finished garment which involves great attention to all detail throughout it's creation, and NO ghastly mistakes in the knitting which is often passed off by others as "part and parcel of home~made".
~ the originality of the finished garment as I have designed many of my sweaters myself.
~ that with the same care that I have used in producing the garment, it can be maintained in it's original condition for many years and give much pleasure to other wearers over the years.
~ the pleasure and joy of owning a Bebbyjumper of their own and I know many of my customers (both locally and from Etsy) get great delight seeing their little ones in a Bebbyjumper.

I just love yarns of all colours, particularly soft textures and bright colours, and often know immediately what I want to knit and how the finished garment will look. I keep all my treasured yarns in a room under lock and key......Sometimes I see buttons in a discarded button box and feel a huge urge to knit "just the right garment" to give those buttons a new life!!

My favourite knits in my shop are the arans that I design and produce in bright colours for children, which all have traditional touches and modern features. I tend to use acrylic yarn because it is very child friendly and can withstand machine washing and drying, but I will knit custom orders using other yarns. One of my favourites is this little sweater which I designed and won a 1st prize with at my local horticultural show in August 2011 ~

I have other sweaters in my shop using this design which I call My Pearl Collection and was created when a friend was telling me how her aunt Pearl used to knit shapeless sweaters for the family and was always dropping and making stitches, so I have created this design using her name and skills ~ dropping and making stitches but still maintaining a beautiful pattern involving pearly things.

My favourite pastime is sitting in my garden watching my veggies growing and knitting. So peaceful. When I am not knitting, I enjoy making jams and chutneys which I sell at craft fairs, alongside my jumpers.

I can be found on ~
Etsy ~
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but my Facebook page is more fun and up to date ~
Twitter ~!/bebbyjumpers


  1. oh those are so cute. I wish I had a little one to buy for.

  2. My mom just got her first grandbaby less than a year ago. My brother had a little girl, and my mom is smitten! I can't help but think how adorable my little niece would be in these knitted goodies. You'll be a grandma in due time I'm sure, and you will love it!

  3. They do look so cozy!
    I love reading about life in other parts of the world!
    Thanks for sharing : )

  4. Such lovely comments! Thank you soooo much Audrey for giving me this opportunity and to your followers for reading your blog!! Bebby x


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