Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Ba-ack!

Today was the first day of school - so I'm back to work :(
Can't say that I missed it this summer.

Only had grades 4-9 on the bus today, so at least it was nice and quiet :)

I could have used another month or so. Didn't get the diningroom and kitchen painted yet - it's just been WAY to hot, and it's hot all week again.

When will fall arrive and cooler temps?


  1. I'm sensing a little coolness in the AM and PM now. You're getting none of it?

  2. Over here it is still pretty hot during the day, but at least the nights are cool and you can sleep nicely!

  3. you bite your tongue about fall weather... yes, i like fall weather but i don't want it to skip to the cold winter yet.

    I haven't gotten much done either, considering i had the whole summer off. my school starts back tomorrow. I haven't done much outside because there is a wasps nest under my concrete that I haven't been able to destroy! ugh. but have had alot to do inside (and still not done either!) deadline's here already too bad!

    have a safe bus-driving year!

  4. Audrey's "ride" Have fun!


  5. Just found your blog on Etsy! Love your work. My blog is!

  6. Every time Monday rolls around, I have to drag myself to work. It's weird, because I really love my job. But I've said before that if we loved it too much, we wouldn't have to get paid to do it. I guess our natural instinct is to just stay home. I hope the school year treats you well!

  7. It must be hard going back after having the summer off. I hope you're getting back into the swing of things. You can have the cooler temps and I'll take the heat off your hands for you :)


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