Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Dining Room - almost done

I did remember to take photo's of my dining room before and after I painted it.  We aren't quite done yet.  There will be a "chair rail" (oak) running around the room - as soon as hubby cuts the pieces, they get stained and installed.

I didn't realize that the room was so dark!  It was hard to take good photo's.  

Hubby didn't know about the red :)  It's call "barn" and the top is "sunbeam", not yellow, but more of an ivory color.  We are slowly getting used to it :)

I will take photo's once we have all the oak up, the oak shelves back above the windows and new blinds.

The Kitchen is next!  oh dear....


  1. I like the colors. I think it's going to look great once you get the chair rail up

  2. I love the colours! You guys are working really hard around the house, loads of renovating!


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