Monday, January 11, 2010

McKenney's Keepsakes

I love pendants! They are a great accent to a wardrobe, easy to change and there are so many to choose from :) While looking for shops that would be willing to have their Etsy Mini's on the sidebar, I came across McKenney's Keepsakes. Pendants with inspirational words on them are my favorite, and this shop has some of the best I have seen!

My name is Jonessa, but my friends call me Jes. Currently living in a small town in Northern CT, I just moved from big giant city of Fort Lauderdale about 2 years ago. I am married to a wonderful man, and between the 2 of us we have 4 wonderful children, 3boys, 1 girl.

My shop name McKenneys Keepsakes, was formed because I wanted the products that people buy from me to be something that want to keep forever. I look at some of the things I have, no matter how silly they are, and I love them because of the person that gave them to me or a story it reminds me of. I want my customers to feel that when they look at my pendants. The McKenney part is just my last name. I started my buisness for the same reason I think alot of people do these days. I wanted to make a little extra money doing something that I love.

I have small room in our basement that used
to be an office for my husband. He no longer uses it so with his help, we cleaned it out and it became my craft space. It's not very big, but I don't need a lot of space. I have a big desk that I work on and a small radio to listen to. There is a white board on the wall that my hubby and I write our idea's on, but there is not character to it yet. I really wanted to paint it, but have not decided on a color. As time goes on, my plan is to really make it my own. Right now it is also partially storage. I want to add some posters and pictures. Again, over time I will make it my own.

I started crafting when I was little. My mom taught me how to cross stitch and eventually I moved on to counted cross stitch. As time went on, I would make what ever came to mind. The thing I love about crafting is that it is my stress reliever. Time flies by when I'm doing it. I don't think about anything, I just completely relax.

My current supply addiction is digital collage I find here on Etsy. I have just recently started to work on making my own, but the ones I find are just so great. Not to mention I really do enjoy helpping others here on Etsy. I just bought 3 new ones yesterday and inquired about another this morning.

My favorite item in my shop currently is my "Someone with Autism Loves Me" pendant. I originally made one of these for my husband as a key chain because his daughter is autistic. I decided to put one in my shop because I thought others in our situation would like them. I have several more designs, I just haven't put them up yet.


  1. These are cute pendants!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I enjoy Scrabble pendants. They take something so basic and make them into a little piece of art :)

    I envy anyone with their own crafting space. I need to find somewhere in my own personal universe for a crafting corner!

  3. Those are great! Love seeing the story behind the shop :)

  4. What a nice story. I too enjoy getting to know the artist behind the art. The pendants are just great. So much to choose from.


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