Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mish Mash Monday


Please Grab the Button!

1) I love to enter give aways and have been trying to win a necklace on the Baroness Bijoutery Blog for quite a while. Guess What! Just before Christmas I got an email informing me that I had won her latest give away. This is the necklace - isn't it beautiful?

I was so excited. Green is one of my favorite colors & I love butterflies! She has a wonderful
SHOP with truly beautiful jewelry. It's a MUST SEE shop!

2) January 15 is the last day to join the Valentine Swap!! Click on the button to go to the post and enter.


3) Do you love to Swap? Check out this blog. She lists the swaps she finds on the internet.


4) Have you ever tried to make a weekly meal plan? I've tried but after day 2 I'm off the plan. I really hate trying to figure out what to make each day. Weekend when Son #1 is home are the easiest for me because I usually cook food that will have left overs he can take back with him on Sunday. I hadn't realized that during the week I wasn't cooking as much until Son #2 complained that I only cooked when Son #1 was home. OOOPS :o!! So now I'm trying to cook a larger meal a couple of times a week, but I hate to think of what to make and "the men" are no help. Does anyone know of a blog/site that will tell me what to cook?

5)During the 2 weeks we had off for Christmas we had some pretty good temps for the end of December. Christmas Day we had about 12-14 inches of snow. So hubby put the tracks on his ATV and Son #1 got out his snow shoes!

Son #1 walked 4 miles to town the day we went to visit my Grandma. Luckily it was with wind :)

6) I was going to keep it to 5 separate items, but I found this great blog that is having a give away of sorts. If you have an Etsy Shop and need a new banner or two - check out this blog. If you follow the blog during this next week, you get 2 banner's for the price of one! She has some really lovely banners to choose from. The blog is Honeysuckle Designs.

If you are joining me in MMM please add your blog link below - I would love to come visit!


  1. That is some serious snow!!!! WOW! Beautiful necklace indeed! Congrats on winning. Makes it even that more special :)

  2. You're so lucky with the necklace! Beautiful!

    I can't believe your son made A Little House on the Prairie 4 mile walk to town!

  3. Beautiful necklace...congratulations! The ATV looks like so much fun, the 4 mile walk...not so mujch!

  4. OH you lucky DOG!!!! I love The Baroness...and her store...and her blog. I haven't been so fortunate to win anything from her...I'm WAY jealous :)

  5. That is a gorgeous pendant!

    I never know what to cook either, I usually open the cupboards and stare until I get inspired...otherwise we'll order pizza.

  6. that atv rocks!

    my mmm is coming soon....i'm having a really bad few days. i'll have my linky posted by days end.

  7. Love the snow photos. We never see that down here in South Carolina

  8. Audrey...Thank you for mentioning the Giveaway and the Pendant...I'm so glad you like it and that you finally won....You are a Total Sweetheart girl....

  9. Audrey, check out get awesome recipes from their website...... ;)


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