Friday, January 1, 2010

Ad Space

Have you been looking for affordable advertising for you shop or blog? Then this is the place for you!

One month advertising - $5.00
6 months advertising - $20.00

Just email me and I will send you an invoice.
You must supply the button code for a 125x125 OR 150x150 button.

I will place your add on two of my blogs:

audreyscountrycrafts at gmail dot com


  1. Hi, i just found you and have been having fun entering giveaways. Do you know of any giveaway sites that focus on art supplies or artwork? Altered books, watercolor journal pages, etc? Just thought I would ask. Also, I'm glad you had all the buttons because I was entering giveaways and one sent me off to some other place and I thought I had lost the original giveaway site for good but found it through one of your buttons.

  2. That's a really affordable advertising for crafters, even more since they'll get their button in two blogs!

  3. This is so great to know...Thank Audrey...


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