Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random 10 Tuesday

1) My new favorite quote:
A postive attitude may not solve all your problems. But it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright

2) Love this lip balm - not to soft, not to hard - just right!! It can be found at Bubble Tub

3) Hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Monday off!! Got to love long weekends.

4) Going camping and riding (ATV's) this weekend!!! WOOHOO! Here's a picture from last year. Going to the same place.

5) Please check out the etsy mini's on the side bars. All the ones on the left side are brand new shops!!

6) This is a really great book! 7) You really need to read this blog post Different Drug Problem. The whole blog is wonderful, but this post is soooo true!!

8) Got four soap samples from AK Photo n Crafts.
I've tried the Honey Almond and really like it.

9) It rained all day yesterday. The farmer's aren't to happy - but I don't have to water my garden!

10) Nathalie at Recuperation Nathalie is giving away this wonderful tea holder!! This is another uncycling shop and blog that I found. Please click on the link and enter the give away - it ends on the 30th!!


  1. love the quote and the lip balm too..:D

  2. LOVE the quote!! And LOVE the Raspberries and Cream stuff. . . .Looks so yummy!!!

  3. You were just awarded a Lovely Blog award. Visit my blog for details. http://bagsandbuds.blogspot.com

  4. I hope you have a great time ATV-ing this weekend (is it ok to call it ATV-ing?). The quote made me laugh, because I have encountered many people in my lifetime who claimed not to like me because I was "just too happy." It's always baffled me. Would they rather I be miserable? Probably so, but I'm not gonna do it! :-)

  5. What a fun and true quote!
    I hated the rain too... We were supposed to have a "dandelion Day"...
    I like the tea holer, mushroom fabric is great stuff!

  6. thanks a bunch for adding our etsy mini to your side bar!


  7. Audrey, your blog looks amazing. I absolutely love the quote!

  8. I love bubble tub's balm, they're great!

    Btw, I'm giving you a sweet, little award so if you have the time, check my blog out for the rules to pass it down to other bloggers. ^-^


  9. these are all great! love that quote too! gonna have to remember that one! lol

    I've just been presented with the Lovely Blog award, and with that goes the responsibility of choosing my favorite blogs in which to pass this award on to. It was not an easy choice as I have so many great blogs that I follow. I wish to let you know that I have chosen you as a recipient of this award...to pick up your award please visit my blog at : http://missknitsetsy.blogspot.com I hope you fun picking out your favorites to pass it on to. :)

  10. lol omgosh how funny you got 3 in one day! just goes to show we love your blog! :) keep it up! :) and thanks too!! ♥

  11. I LOVE that quote! It makes me smile. And it seems a lot more satisfying to annoy people than gain any personal growth :)

  12. Fantastic quote, words to live by for sure! Have a wonderful time this weekend, sounds like a whole lot of fun :-)


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