Monday, May 18, 2009

Random 10 Tuesday

Sometimes on Tuesday I have trouble coming up with enough material for a whole post. So I'm going to start "Random Ten Tuesday" and see how it goes.

1) Logan (son 2) broke his finger at work on Sat. This means at least 6 weeks in a splint.

2) Every weekend should be a long weekend.

3) We had sunshine for 2.5 days in a row!!! Why do we feel more energetic when the sun is shining?

4) Got the grass mowed today, supposed to rain tomorrow. It takes about 2.5 hours to mow the lawn and the 1/2 mile drive way with 2 six foot mowers.

5) OK - it's hard to come up with 10 random things to list. Might have to make it a shorter list next time.

6) What's the difference between Recycling & Up Cycling? If you know please tell me.

7) Aren't yellow Canaries cute?

8)I'm watching Dr. Phil with hubby as I'm making my list. Bo - am I glad we talked to our children about drinking & driving. Scarey show today.

9) Got the garden seeded. Doesn't look like much now, but hopefully in a few weeks I can post pics of plants p0king out of the ground.

10) I need 10 shops to donate their etsy mini's for on the right side of my blog next week - anyone interested? Or is anyone interested in having a give away on my other blog?


  1. That is a LOT of mowing! But I think it would be worth it to have that much space. I bet it's nice to look out at when you sip your coffee in the morning. Do you have a pond too?

  2. Poor Logan :( At least it will keep him from picking his nose...hee hee. You need to stop showing pictures of your beautiful land because I keep getting more and more jealous of it every time I see it! If you ever get a good answer on the "recycling vs upcycling" please let me know!

  3. Oh...sorry...meant to tell you, I'm willing to donate my Etsy mini anytime you like! Also...I was looking to do a slow cooker recipe contest on my blog and I needed 3 prize donations...wasn't sure if you wanted to 'combine forces' and do it together. I still have no takers on the donations yet though.

  4. Poor thing! But 6 weeks will go by flying! Hope he gets better. I'll be super happy to donate my etsy mini for you, just let me know! And really 2.5 days of sun, that is great, it's been raining here everyday past noon for like 3 weeks, it's driving me insane!


  5. It is to my understanding that the process of recycling uses the transfer of energy to change the physical state and components of the item to them recreate another item similar. Say for instance and aluminum can. Once melted down into a liquid it is then used to make other similar cans. With upcycling it is a bit different. There is no energy used to create a new item. You may take thick plastic and cut it down to paper size print words onto it and create a book. Or taking 20 oz soda tops and creating a mosaic of an influential person, both of which are not using energy to change the physical state of the item, and turning it into something more valuable.

  6. I wish every weekend was long weekend too.... 4 day work weeks would be so great!

    And yes! yellow canaries are pretty darn cute... although, I think most little teeny birds are cute ;)

  7. ooo great idea! love all the random things, your poor sons finger though! ouch!

    i'd love to donate my etsy mini anytime! just let me know what i need to do! so nice of you to offer!!

    and yes i think what lillyshay said about recycling vs upcycling is pretty good! they are in essence close to being the same thing in reality. turning one item into something new again.

  8. ouch on the finger...

    craft-wise for recycle -v- upcycle...recycle: either you put it in the bin for someone else to crunch/melt/redo into something else or you take kid #1's shirt & give it to kid#2..LOL!
    When I see upcycle I think crafty reworking into something else. Like denim pants into bags or just taking an old something or other that is beyond it's usefulness & creating some mixed media with it.
    ...but LillyShay had a much more precise answer :)

  9. What a fun read! Great pictures too! I would love to donate my etsy mini. Just contact me at
    I think recycling and up cycling are the same because they basically mean that they are being reused in some sort of way. That's just my opinion. :p

  10. What awesome land you live on! It must be a lot of work, but it looks so nice. Poor Logan, that looks uncomfortable.

    I'll be glad to donate my Etsy mini if you haven't filled the slots. If you have, thanks for the offer anyways! That's a really sweet thing you do. :)

  11. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing all your great pics. I would be happy to donate my Etsy mini.

  12. Always a big fan of your blog. Great pics, great ideas, great reads. Love your garden, I have my garden in pots :( I'm jealous.

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  14. can certaint add my etsy mini to your blog!

    thats a really big garden....and a whole lotta grass!!!!!!! i did notice that busted up fingers don't slow down the mowing though ;O)


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