Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fridays Finds and Fun Stuff

Ok - first I have to tell you about this wonderful blog and shop I've come across. The shop is Kim's Country Cottage. Kim has the most amazing afghans, candles, doilies, graphic designs, and totes. This shop is a must see!! You would not believe what she is giving away on her BLOG!!

That's right, the afghan in the above picture! Isn't it amazing? She is giving this away to promote the opening of her Etsy shop!! This is what she writes about the afghan: "Created with soft white yarn and adorned with mauve rosebuds and frosty green leaves, this afghan is the perfect size for a single, twin size bed, or as an adornment for your favorite chair."

The contest is open until the 15th of June and the rules for entering are really easy!!

Now for my Fantastic Finds!! More really great shops. I've decided to add 3 brand new shops (no sales or very few sales) to my fantastic finds. After all, this blog is about helping other crafters by promoting their products/shops. Please check out these amazing shops! Just click on the picture.

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1) Agrafina 2) Busy Bead Lady 3) CS Paper and Beads
4) Robin Zebley 5) Lil Sticks Woodworking
6) Sensoria Design 7) The Curious Rabbit
8) Venezie Bags 9) The New Dawn


  1. Audrey, Thank you so much for adding my mini to your side bar! It's a brand new photo shop for me and it means a ton to have your support! Thanks!!!
    -SedonaShots and 10oneworld on Etsy

  2. I love the afgan, I've been wanting something like that, I'll have to skip over there.
    Therse are all wonderful shops! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  3. that afghan is just beautiful! what detail! and love all the friday finds too!! TGIF!

  4. That quilt is AMAZING!!! I'm glad you wrote about her contest. I wrote about it on my blog too. :)

  5. Hi Audrey. Such pretty finds especially that beautiful afghan. Have a great Mother's Day!


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