Monday, April 20, 2009

Look What I Made!!

I've actually been crafting this week. Have to make presents (give away gifts), and gifts for the "Craft it Forward" I posted last week, or was it the week before? Purple and Pink seem to be popular colors. They aren't something I would usually craft with, but if that's their favorite color ...

So here is a pick of a gift one person is getting, she like purple:

I've been doing quite a few blank note cards w/envelopes for people as extras in an order or part of a give away. They are quite a bit of fun actually. Should have taken pics of the ones I sent last week. Oh well.

It felt like Christmas today!! This is what I got in the mail - all from Bovine Bubbles and Hog Wash. Got to love her products. I am going to be so soft and smell so good!!!

*Almond Coconut Smoothie
*Rice Flower & Shea
*Creamy Coconut
*Earth Child
*Vanilla Spice Bar
*Bamboo Charcoal Bath & Body Bar (son uses it to control acne - works really well)
*Cherry Almond Buff Bar (have it in the bathroom, helps clean the men's hand after working in the shop)
*Pillow Fights & Slumber Parties (isn't in the picture. It's a lovely light pink color and smells amazing. I bought it to add to a swap I'm doing and promptly put it with the rest of the swap, forgetting it when I took the picture.)

Butter Creams:

Creamy Cocobanana
Fresh Picked Apple
Honey Bee Sweet
Lemon Lush
Mulberry Hand & Body Lotion (for Sister-on-law's bday)

Please check out Bovine Bubbles, she also has wonderful jellies & jams, and is making new soap weekly.

TWITTER: Does anyone twitter? I just signed up today (audreyscrafts). Not quite sure what to do now. Any suggestions?


  1. I'm following you on twitter now! Don't make it harder than it is...simple 140 characters to get your message out tweet away...the world awaits!

  2. Hi Audrey! It's been a while. I twitter as well (VemmaBlessings) It's pretty simple. I'll add you to my follow list. Prim Blessings, Celene

  3. Well it sure looks like you are in for a great night of pampering yourself...Be sure to light the candles..

  4. Gorgeous purchases, they sound heavenly. Glad to hear you joined Twitter. :)

  5. Ooooooh, you're gonna be so smooth and soft and snuggly - I want to try that Pillow Fights and Slumber Parties!

    Great blog, Audrey!

  6. Oh, I like the purple and the ragged edges. Cute!

  7. I love purple, thats a really sweet make :)

  8. I am a twit...heh heh.
    BrokenTeepee. I will follow you.
    Looks like you got a big box of fun!

    and thanks ;)

  9. Sweet give away! You are so talented. And busy, oh, my goodness! Doubt I could ever keep up with you! Ret'ing to Cape Breton May 1. Do you ever get out my way?

  10. PS. I twitter, too. Occasionally, anyway. I'll try to remember to find you next time I'm on! ~KaHolly


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