Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Well - last weekend the snow was melting and I thought I would be able to show you pictures of my garden this weekend, minus the snow. Unfortunately we got close to 6 inches of snow starting on Tues. and ending Wed. Night. These pics were taken on Tues. evening. Don't have to worry about mowing grass or planting the garden for a while yet. 

I haven't created anything this week. Just can't seem to get the energy. I think menopause is starting. Have good days when I have lots of energy & get lots done, then days where getting up to make breakfast and doing the simple chores just seems like to much work. Days when "being organized" seems like a dream, I just go from one thing to another, but don't get anything done all the way. Can't seem to focus.

Okay - we'll end that train of depressing thought here. One to something more fun!!

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Is that too much fun? One year I had 1/2 my shopping done for the boys by the end of April!! Got lucky and found Lego & Knex on sale (1/2 price) at a toy store. Total Fluke! No - I haven't started shopping yet. Would if I knew what to get though. Really hate the rush before Christmas - people seem to loose their manners.

One the right side bar and also on the left close to the bottom are many shop mini's with bags. I love bags!! Please check out their shops - I promise - you will be amazed. Also please check out my previous post (1 down) about the BAG SWAP I'm having. Join if you can.


  1. Great photos! Is it still snowing?! It's April already, I thought it would be more sunny :) Anyways, Found it interesting that you are counting down to Christmas! Well.. it's a long way but something to look forward to I guess at the end of the year!

  2. Beautiful Pictures! We have snow in our forecast here in Wisconsin for tomorrow... ENOUGH! I am sooooo dreaming of summer!

  3. Great blog! I love the snow pics!

  4. Snow is so gorgeous but at the same time I don't know how much I could take lol
    I love warm weather but hate it all at the same time.
    Those are gorgeous pictures. I love when snow is fresh and it hasn't been walked on of touched in any way. So lovely. :p

  5. Those pictures are just beautiful!!I love snow, when I dont have to drive in it :)

  6. I am so glad those snowcovered pictures are of your backyard and not mine. They are beautiful, but I'm ready for summer:)

  7. What a wonderful blog this is. I found the items pictures on here to be fantastic. Please, if you have the time check out one of my favorite sites--great products and they are adding more every day!

  8. I love the snow pictures! Here in Sydney, we have to travel 7 hours to get to anything resembling white stuff. Hope your energy returns soon

  9. Wow. Where do you live??? I thought it was bad up here, it snowed yesterday on Easter. Last year it snowed on April 24th. But nowhere near that, just some flurries!


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