Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beautiful Unique Jewelry

I'm not a girly girl, can't wear jewelry unless it's 14K gold, but I still love & appreciate beautiful jewelry. Dragonfly Creations is a wonderful shop on Etsy. It's so nice to see a unique shop :) Here is a bit about Cara and her jewelry.

I am from Long Beach, CA... and currently live in Seal Beach, Ca

I am a Resource Specialist for LBUSD when I'm not creating things. I also love hiking, playing with my dogs, spending time with my boy friend, family and friends. I enjoy reading, traveling and photography.

I started my business because people were always asking me to make them jewelry, and I luv to do it <3 When people see my jewelry, I want them to think: simple, unique, delicate, original and classic. Supply addictions: shells, beads, wire [I luv turquoise, shells on the beach, antique beads, faceted stones] The wrapped rings {} have been my favorite things to make recently. I also luv making the nursing bracelets {}

I stay motivated by making/ creating something daily (this is my goal. doesn't always happen since life has different plans then I do)

My shop name is my first name and old last name. (my banner says dragonfly Creations) I actually am in need of moving my shop. In the future I will go by something else. Dragonfly Creations is my initial jewelry lines name, but realized very quickly it wasn't very original.

Advice: continue to create new things. get feedback from friends, listen to them and create a community online with other Etsy members. Also, try to get involved outside of Etsy, so you down micromanage your shop and get too obsessed.


  1. This is a lovely shop! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. very nice and elegant unique jewelry you have..i think my special someone will love that...


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