Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I think I'm Addiceted to Yarn

Happened to be in Wally World a couple of weeks ago and purchased some yarn to make 2 afghans for charity. The red & black will hopefully look like THIS, and the other 4 colors will be a stripped afghan. May change my mind yet - but we'll see :) I'll make scarf/hat sets with whatever is left.

Found some brand new Phentex at the local thrift shop. Decided to try my hand at slippers. It's great for slippers, but not my favorite yarn to work with. Wouldn't go out a buy it again, unless of course it was this cheap :) The colors are red, yellow, pink and green. Made one pair of slippers so far:

Then I went on kijiji to see if I could find someone selling yarn, and found 2 people! Purchased 9 big balls from one lady for about a 1/3 of the cost elsewhere (there were also two balls of Ivory and 3 balls of White - already used them):

The other lady had her living room FULL of tubs of yarn she had collected over the last 2 years since her husband passed away. She said it had been to fill the void, however, now she was moving to a much smaller house and couldn't take it all with her. This is what I purchased from her:

I think I will be busy for a while :)


  1. I'm sadly addicted to yarn as well. Once my hubs even banned me from buying more because I had so much! I equate my yarn addiction to heroin! haha!

  2. Ok, I'll stand up too, I am addicted also, I always say I have enough to last me a year and I can only make it 2 months and then I buy more, I say oh that blanket is the most popular (well it is) I need to make it again!!!!

    Off to look at the yarn place you suggested...btw GREAT FINDS!!!!! Woo HOO!

    Happy Knitting!

  3. What a great find!

    signed "A fellow yarn junkie"

  4. Any and every crocheter or knitter has to get eventually addicted to yarn! Happy crocheting!

  5. It's probably a good thing I don't knit or crochet! My fabric addiction is like your yarn addiction!

  6. How lovely your blog is and your Etsy shop is Fab- I LOVE the snowmen!! I hope you enjoy your new found yarn treasures... I know what you mean about addiction... mine is fabric these days... I'm sewing plushies for twin Grand babies due in December...

  7. my addiction is for anything that could be considered You sure have a good supply of yarn to work with. When the price is right you gotta go for it :)


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